let’s go and open a treasure these two buildings and very fancy new hotel every level and Denmark now we’re gonna go into our nice hotel room we’re getting a Lucas in Japan combo so this is the entrance of the hotel the other other hotel building has the reception but here you can see when the energy can be made we keep the ready build some layer here and be quite nice here free floor building it’s a lie so you walk up here and jump out there dear that’s one of the way to go before you can walk there’s a going is the Board considered and part-time pushes tnt’s are nominal turns out the MP – laughs Shannon the entire oceans yeah [Music] this is your hotel room to roam the Pantheon man Wow how could be a mensch am I good for you John Hey look at that man [Music] daddy was your room my room obedience we have to found a lot of places I got this festival is for stuff then we come for questions and then we know how to do this got four of them I hope it’s a fun surprise start so now we’re going to play this game and to vote but the treasure in here and the kids must answer four questions the first one you must go to reception see how many coats of arms there are at the reception then you put in the number here then you need to see how many nights all there in front of the fireplace in the king’s castle in the Knights console so then the second question is how many nights are there in front of the fireplace in the night call so let me get the number number two then you have two more questions how many banners are in front of the night cost we have to go out have a look then put it here then how many towers are there on the waste such call so that is this cost then put in here the Duke man can open the treasure box see what’s inside let’s go and try to open the treasure we need a water route find the key at this spot but down here is another box it’s yellow but it’s actually just a layer inside they go again i’m machines for Joseon saw so much you guys so much about diggers for their meeting me Mom that’s the one T 2g job so the first question is how many coats of arms order at the reception reception in India is very shaking Thomas you enjoy reception conjugal my michiochi the ego when they share Canada wait item able to go down please go six right y’all go until she took a pin with ya how many banners are there in front of the knights castles have to go out seven do you like banners here the next one is how many towers are there on the wastage costs of how many towers how many towers you found Lily giving you go with the custom button haha [Music] Wow Wow instead of treasure yeah is that good sure she is a doll instead of a real global diamond okay have us it raised and everything good okay bye bye bye please watch more videos some ticket to subscribe [Music]