He’s a child
in a candy store. I mean, a year ago, he shoots
a porn movie in here. You know about this? I didn’t really know
anything about the porno. We gave Angelo the keys
to the kingdom to run it
when nobody else is here. Shoots it on a couch
that’s in this room. In the video is your son! – Oh, my God.
– Customers in the room
at the time! Your business!
It’s a nightmare! You can’t frickin’
control yourself, can you? You’re so pathetic
I can’t even scream at you. Why are you
calling me pathetic? Are you making money? No. Tano:
I’ve already taken
two jobs up
to support my family.The business
has debt, correct? $188,000 debt. So who signed
for that debt? My father. You put them in business
and you expect them to make
this a positive thing. Absolutely. To hope that they succeed
and make something of
themselves. Tommy, has this been
a positive thing? Um, not really.
We need some direction. We’re all going in
a different direction. It’s really tough
dealing with family. If he wasn’t family, would
he be working in this place? That’s a tough one. I want you to understand
the money for a minute. I use Partender. Partender is a computer
product that takes inventory off all the liquor bottles
and it tells me exactly what was used, exactly
what’s been paid for. This is the last three days. You poured $16,000
worth of liquor. Gave away $7,500 worth. Wayne:
Oh, my God.
So, based on
a single weekend, your loss was $7,539. That’s $360,000 a year this drunk has given away! Wayne, you’re the one who can
make the most difference here. You got a ( bleep ) problem! What are you gonna
do about it?