In 2012,
long-time friend Scott Mac
and Todd Chester teamed up
to buy Standing Room Only,
known as SRO to the locals.This place has been here
since 1976,and this place
was really being run down,
and I thought we could pick it
up and really get it rolling.
Man:We thought, hey,
let’s just use our names,
but we’ll still entitle SRO’cause it’s been here
for so long.
Narrator:Scott and Todd
were now sitting
on a 23-acre property
that housed two separate bars
and four softball fields.Todd:
Softball was ginormous here.
Somewhere in late ’80s,
it kind of just fizzled out.Me and Scott started talking,
it’d be a great thing
to try to rebuild
it back up. Narrator:Right off the bat,
Mac & Chesters SRO was a hit.
We were making great money.
We made $800,000
our first year.
We way upped our game
so I brought my wife, Elise,to come here and help me
with this bar.
Pretty much what I do here
at Mac & Chestersis the schedule,
I do the payroll,
I scrub the toilets,
I do everything here. Narrator:Although business
was booming,
Scott soon realized he bit off
more than he could chew
by getting into
a partnership with Todd.
Scott:When Todd was here,
he had a drink in his hand,
gave away a lot of things
to his friends.
Seemed like I was plugging away
and he was kind of having fun. Everybody loves
to hang out with Todd.Everybodyloves
to buy Todd a drink,and Todd does not say no.He usually starts
all the nonsense.( crowd shouting )Todd:Friends come
in on the motorcycles.
I get wrapped up on that.It’s a badass biker bar. Bikers here
are pretty disrespectful. Narrator:
Frustrated that he and Todd
were not playing
for the same team
Scott decided he can no longer
be present at the main bar.
Me and Scott are still partners
under one umbrella. It’s just this–
we agreedI would take the main bar
and the restaurant,
and he would take
the softball hut out there.
I strictly work outside now.
I made the fields better.We’ve grown the leagues
a little bit.
Narrator:Soon Todd’s antics
began to affect
Scott’s new position
at the outside bar.
( engine roaring ) ( crowd shouting )As Todd’s friends
rolled in,
the players and their families
rolled out.
It pisses me off that
he’s giving away drinks.It pisses me off
that all our profits
are going down the drain.I boycott Todd’s barbecause he just
sits up there and drinks
all day and doesn’t care,
doesn’t give a ( bleep ). Narrator:Now the bar
is losing $6,000 a month.
It’s stressful, we– yeah, we have
our arguments, definitely. I worked my ass off
all ( bleep) night! You drank and you tell me
to ( bleep ) off? – You know what,
shut the ( bleep ) up!
– ( bleep ) you! If this bar closed today,
the house would be gone.We still got creditors
that we owe,
and that’s not
a good feeling. Scott:
My kids are both in college.
I just have
a small house.
If Todd makes
some poor decisions
up in his bar,
my name’s still attached. Who knows what’s can happen?
I could lose everything. Narrator:Struggling
to cover their bases
before time runs out,
Scott, Todd, and Elise
have agreed to
pull back the doors,
bust open the books,
and make a call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”
This bar makes me
want to vomit.