We just wrapped up a Intense week of shooting. Yeah a intense there’s something I’ve meant to do for a long time as a Chicagoan every Friday night big Joe’s has turtle racing a wonderful oxymoron And I heard there’s some money involved. We’re gonna check it out Got a pension Apparently turtle racing is a hot commodity When you buy a pitcher when you buy a mixed drink? They give you tickets the numbers are then called out by the gentlemen that are kind of empty. Yeah, he emcees the turtle racing yeah, when he calls your name up, there you go up and you pick a ball you get a Turtle 105 the person that picks the ball then picks the next ticket To win a turtle needs to get half of its body onto the red part of the table That’s only a few feet traveled But these are turtles we’re talking about So some races go on for a while you either want to win or you want to lose because the winners keep winning and up And there’s some perks to that including a trip to Vegas If you win the winners game at the end of the night or if you lose you get a free shot that looks a little questionable to consume but They do for normal races during the night and then one winter circle during the night So we saw of hope that we could get into one of the races Big job is doing right as far as Garnering a crowd through some kind of crazy activity because this place is packed They’re actually you know, I’ve been dope like it’s racing tracks and things that’s there’s definitely more excitement in there. Yeah. Yeah I mean, there’s people you could tell that have been here a bunch of times They know the Turtles or regular. We got to talk turtle ethics They actually live in a very posh aquarium in the basements a huge apparently as apparently it’s huge Apparently they have every luxury and it’s about two hours at night or two. It started two hours a week Yeah, they have to work. They only work two hours. Yep. Nobody can mess with them Nobody gets, you know anywhere near them to be honest Yeah, they have a strong union the third a letter about that. Would you say you have to see this? I Mean if you’re here You could see it if you’re here and you’re drinking you want some cheap Bud Light and you like turtles. You gotta see it otherwise under bar scale Do you have anything in your town that we should come and check out leave a comment below? Click to see more and don’t forget to subscribe for weekly episodes of you have to see this