Hello from San Antonio, Texas! I’m here for a weekend of fun and luxury When it comes to luxury you can’t go wrong with The St. Anthony hotel They invited a few journalists to come here and experience everything up close and I’m loving it! I got a welcome note here partly in Portuguese That is so sweet! Look at this how cool! The St. Anthony is one of the most traditional hotels in San Antonio It was for sure the first luxury hotel, it’s from 1909 And there are others firsts here, like this was the first fully air-conditioned hotel in the world These chandeliers came in the 40’s This is the original kind of English pub type design It’s really where all the deals were done in Texas over a three-martini lunch because, think about the 60’s, that was kind of when, you know, drinking and drinking cocktails and smoking came into vogue Talking about cocktails, let’s move to the contemporary bar next door that has a very suggestive name Time to try the food Rebelle is constantly featured among the best restaurants in San Antonio This is the Parisian gnocchi… with mushrooms I’m going to tell you something I’m not a big fan of oysters, octopus, and spinach, but if I could, I’d eat those here every day The best I’ve ever had And now just one more place before calling the night We came here to the San Antonio River Walk, just a couple of blocks away Here you can also find some great places for a meal or for some fun Good morning! Today we have a big day ahead We’re going to walk around, experience some top attractions in town And in the evening we have the San Antonio Rodeo It’s that time of the year But first, the Alamo The Alamo actually stood it out further inside the modern day buildings, like 15 feet, and it went all the way inside the modern day Federal building over here, its courthouse It was a very large compound It was made to house Native Americans in the area, converting them to Catholicism by this church and then assimilate them into Spanish culture The Alamo was one of the early Spanish missions in Texas And then it became a fortress It really made history because of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, which was crucial in the Texas Revolution Texas used to belong to Mexico, but they wanted independence Long story short, the locals lost, it was an ugly battle, but this inspired more people to join the army and fight for Texas Texas then became independent and formed the Republic of Texas before becoming part of the United States This is actually just a small part compared to what it used to be It’s a shame that you cannot take pictures inside, so you guys gotta come here to see This is how the River Walk looks like during the day But we’re just using it as a shortcut to go somewhere else We’re now gonna visit the largest Mexican market in the United States: Market Square A lot of food, music,… hats! I can’t imagine Cinco de Mayo here Now I’m ready for a different kind of fun This is one of the largest single events in San Antonio and also one of the most important rodeos in the United States It’s been going on since 1950 and today more than 2 million people come here every year But actually all this here has a bigger purpose: Raise money for scholarships, educational programs, and research related to agriculture More than 7,500 Texas college students have actually benefited from one of their scholarships The fun is only now but the efforts are actually year long with up to 6,000 volunteers You know something really cool about this rodeo? It’s indoors! _ Cheers, Renata!
_ Cheers! We had so much fun last night Today it’s recovery day and we’re starting with a nice brunch _ I’ll go with the Parisian, please
_ The Parisian? Ok Here you go This is like a dream come true Now we’re going for a cultural activity We’re going to watch a show at a traditional theater here in San Antonio called Playhouse and then head back home I hope you guys enjoyed this weekend here in San Antonio I certainly had a great time It was fantastic to stay at the St. Anthony hotel You know, it’s close to everything downtown, you can just walk to the Alamo, to the River Walk, there’s a beautiful square in front of it too And you get treated so well Well, but that’s Texas, right?