[MUSIC PLAYING] Go! [LAUGHTER] [GRUNTING] [SHATTERING] Pool party! Hey! No running. [SPLASHING] It’s too cold. No it’s not. What are you talking about? Yeah, it is. Just jump in. No, no, no, I’m just going to
go in slowly by the stairs. OK. Do you want some sunscreen? Oh, no thanks. I don’t get sunburned. OK. Hey, you want to see me
do a flip in the pool? No, thank you. [RECORD SCRATCH] Fine. Whatever. Don’t even care. Hey, you want to see me
do a flip into the pool? I’m OK. All right. Fine. I don’t want to get in the
pool, because I don’t want to mess up my hair and makeup. Grab a floatie. We also didn’t get
our makeup wet. Ah-ah-ah! [SCREAMS] [LAUGHTER] Yeah! I got to-wels! Hey! No running by the pool! [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] (IN HIGH-PITCHED
VOICE) You should do a flip! (NORMAL VOICE) Huh? Did– did you say
I should do a flip? [RECORD SCRATCH] You’re blocking my sun. Uh– uh– OK. We’ve got hot dogs. [WATER DRIPPING] You know, you should really
wait to get in the pool after you eat. You know that’s just a myth. No, it’s not. Yes, it is. No, it’s not. Yes, it is. No, it’s not. Yes, it is. OK. Go ahead. [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [SCREAM] There’s a bee! Ugh! Ah! It’s OK. If you don’t bother it,
it won’t bother you. It’s a bee! Whoa! [SCREAMING] [MUSIC – “AT LAST”] (SINGING) At last– [MUFFLED SHOUTING] –my love has come along. Does anyone have any aloe vera? Want to have an
underwater tea party? No, thanks. I don’t want to get my hair wet. Fine, I’ll do it myself. [INHALES] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, god, no. [DELICATE PIANO PLAYING] So how bout you? You wanna see me do a flip? Yeah! [RECORD SCRATCH] Really? Yeah, go for it. OK! Yeah! [MUSIC – “LA VIE EN
ROSE” (INSTRUMENTAL) ] [SINGING IN FRENCH] I have my phone on me. [SIGHS] You’re safe this time. Don’t run by the pool. Shut up, you’re not my mom. [THUD] Ow. Told ya. Ah. Are you OK? Uh, yeah, I think I’m fine. I’m going to go get
a first aid kit. He’s bleeding. Oh, my god, he’s leading. I’m not good with blood. Are you sure you’re all right? We need a doctor. I’m fine. [THUD] [CHATTER] Uh, I’m fine. I swear, I’m fine. All right. I’m fine. There’s another person there. I’m fine. There’s another person there. You know you shouldn’t be
worried about me I’m fine. What? [RECORD SCRATCH] [SIRENS IN BACKGROUND] [MUSIC PLAYING] Where’s [INAUDIBLE]? I forgot to do this part. [LAUGHTER] That looks so funny!