Lavanya gaze so Yuri bourgeois me okay war power for parole apart for ha ir her mother’s also a kid so her that I believe ha ha ha causado shallow get interested that you need ah my toes thank you go sisters I think it’s time trying to get out of here emails like he’s calling the police this is the worst internship ever the Bay of Hiroshima for more than 400 years it’s been the center of Japan’s oyster industry about 70% of all the oysters eaten an oyster loving Japan are pulled from these waters and shucked by hand the same way it’s been done for generations the salty smell the tools and technique the sounds of shells being shucked it’s all a quintessential part of Japanese culture so you might be surprised that only one of these workers this woman in her 80s is Japanese the rest are from China they were brought here under a special program run by the Japanese government the government calls it a technical training program or internship check it out you can see the oysters coming up this ramp but critics say interns aren’t really learning anything at all that the program is really just a way to bring cheap foreign labor into a country in desperate need of workers and in some cases a form of government-sponsored human trafficking how much money are you earning working here it’s illegal in Japan to place interns and unskilled positions the whole point of the program is to train them in skills that they can bring back home but our reporting found that it’s common for the foreign workers to be placed in menial jobs in agriculture textiles and construction there are about a hundred and fifty thousand foreign interns working in Japan and the government wants to expand that program by another 70,000 people the reason is the 2020 Olympics and stadium construction like this because ahead of the games they’re only going to build more sporting facilities and stadiums but they want to use a program that one UN report said approaches conditions of slavery IPE Torre is one of the few people in Japan speaking up for the foreign interns he’s director of the National migrant workers Network a coalition of labor unions and anti trafficking groups and has rescued dozens of foreign interns from captivity including this Chinese man whose boss tried to force him onto a plane back home in December there’s no case other details know could add music echoes he brings us to the site of the future Olympic Village it sounds like this is a program that foreign workers used to come here to learn some skills so I don’t see what the problem is here so this net morale butoh univox Tabata rokkyo Soto no engine no todos al estado de hecho su lugar y no G Co set o yummy yellow instead what como Costas so they’re not actually learning anything they’re coming here to do unskilled labor well you know you must get them all you gotta you know jisu cetera kya Tonio Google gear so it tastes like a canister the saga Kyoto joke over there because I did cut the dough so it is bone-dry raucous conocido gosh Johnny GaN by went oh yeah I got to go grab these three women left behind families in China when they came here on the internship program I’m hoping to find a better life so your daughter oh she’s very pretty instead they quickly found themselves in a nightmare they were placed in a nearby garment factory stitching school uniforms for next to nothing and forced to pay a large portion of their salary back to their boss for rent and then a few weeks ago it got even worse their boss stopped paying them how much money does the owner of the textile factory oh you love are you gay so Yuri baochuan knew you or did you have to pay money in order to get this job in Japan did you have to pay a recruiter woman came come your high your chinchilla slow motion watching Jogi Nagar you got soul man now Isuzu the nigga Poncelet I hold you lied I remember one mitten awesome a change we push our way Jack do you think you’ve learned any skills here um that you can use at home in China Jonathan make sure I’m on with did you that some don’t desperate for help they contacted a labor organization from EPA’s Network weeks of negotiations went nowhere so he brings the women in for a final round of arbitration with a representative from the factory they know they have little leverage the owner could fire them and they’d be forced to return home we filmed the meeting with a hidden camera the men in the factory owner after more than two hours of back-and-forth the factory owner agrees to pay them back most of the money they’re owed but now that they’ve been deemed difficult he demands they move out of their company housing immediately so this is where the worker has lived four of them in this tiny room in this building without a toilet which is outside they had to pay $250 a month each for the privilege of staying here it’s freezing cold they’re only allowed to turn the heat on two hours a day to save fuel this is the worst internship ever the three women will soon return to China after two years of back-breaking labor they’re still in deep debt the US State Department has been pressuring Japan to address conditions like these most recently flagging the internship program in its annual human trafficking report last year for subjecting workers to quote conditions of forced labor Japan’s controversial internship program was born out of desperation Japan is in need of tens of thousands of workers Japan’s got a serious labor shortage why because it has the oldest population in the world and it’s only getting older by 2040 they project that the working age population is gonna fall from 81 million down to just 57 million people that’s a 30% drop in the labor pool for the world’s third largest economy and the country has some of the strictest immigration laws in the world thanks to a government in public long suspicious of outsiders an extremely protective of Japanese culture Japan has resisted calls to create formal visas for migrant workers instead promising to crack down on abuses of its foreign interns the agency tasked by the Japanese Cabinet Office with overseeing the internship program is the Japan international training Cooperation Organization or JIT Kok it’s on the fourth floor of this building and over the last month we’ve made multiple attempts to get them to give us an interview about the problems the trainee internship program has faced but they’ve refused to speak with us even now we phoned them up one last time and they said that they won’t speak the State Department says the Japanese government’s efforts have done little to improve conditions for foreign interns in 2013 Secretary of State John Kerry awarded IPE Tory an award honoring his work picking up where the government has left EPA’s network is still getting a constant stream of phone calls from interns in need of their help the latest case is about a two hour drive outside of Tokyo we are in Mito it’s an agricultural area where a lot of the migrant workers come to work on the farms and it’s also a place where we’ve heard a lot of abuses are taking place about two years ago Shuchi Yuen came here from China as an intern after paying more than 7,500 dollars in fees to recruiters she was assigned to pick Chinese basil on a farm here but was recently banished for filing a report on abuses she experienced from her boss hello huh nice to meet you quite an adapter is here woman dad loves yoga was stroke or hydro woman Eliza and Hafsah for Danish and don’t show don’t doubt me you shall surely hear she’s out of the wah-pah sroa mmm digger sure hon don’t on this is he it wasn’t long before xu says the owner began taking advantage of her whoa my machine I shall I owe her people Kirito shiratori-san tini the nigga Danzo Papa Panicker Chincoteague we found that white man died woman you shot me in here she says she told her recruiter about the abuse but he discouraged her from speaking up what’s your biggest worry now what are you afraid of the most father male gone for I would play it to her gently or tend him to talk or my ego you want nigga dancer you sit on running at Oregon time either so tired for mmm Tyrol the pilot boo Haruka to go eager to take a title to I or her water so low so it gets over that I believe haha shadow shadow oh my god shoes case is still pending it took a lot of courage for her to speak out we wanted to see if we could get a response from her boss we’re going to try to find the owner or the owner’s son who manages the farm to see if they can answer some of the allegations she’s laying down at their feet after more than an hour we arrived to the home of shoes boss hello nakai son he’s more than a little surprised to see us in our cameras we are investigating allegations that there’s sexual harassment going on at this farm by you can you answer us and say that there’s sexual harassment da-rae well not all the way out of here to our Gabrielle we spoke to one of the workers who worked from the farm a Chinese worker she said that you exposed your penis to the workers in there all right yeah I got that maybe you watch over to need an economic female knock 800 talk to you are you come on Atari Nikki Gustavo one of the workers said that you sexually harassed her she was very specific she said that you exposed yourself to her she said that you touched her butt and her breasts yeah gammy economy so ter Juan de areia is on yes-mo gonna try a nigra watch a d’tetramand et which I agree Daytona needs a MOOC on me sunny tip yeah Tina Guerra alright well it does just want to answer any more questions so we’ve given him a chance to respond um I think it’s time to get out of here email looks like he’s the police honey you want in there we’ll just extend I could go take your hello we got a pinkie siquiera a whistleblower has told the authorities about what’s going on here and the incredible thing is that absolutely nothing has been done to put a stop to it it seems like this internship program is completely rotten through the core but very few people in Japan want to admit this but they soon won’t have much of a choice hype is already building for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics and with that will come new scrutiny from around the world of Japan’s internship program which is expected to place tens of thousands of new foreign workers in Olympic construction projects cuantos anos a donut toggle Christ a turnover tato yati pre-show customers it will show consciousness the area sanitized today my excuse Dimas car yes Akuma is there a star Eva’s skies Negara componte ya’ Toro can I talk are the Olympics should be a good thing for all of Japanese society and for people involved including the workers do you think unfortunately though that the Olympics will result in a lot of suffering for foreign workers here disregard implicit in on the snare yeah pre-accession no or impure instead they spawn so you go to a Gingka and gato you go to us now or infant case on your karate Massa so no Orion P Co Co Co sir tammini do OSHA’s never do Jess you say to you come oka show you go to her we’re pretty hostile Parvati Olimpico arrange a mutiny go hasta el jurado Yo no quiero des you