Hey! Stephanie Essin at
GDC, I’m chatting with Jenny from Rose City Games
and their game World Next Door. Tell me, Jenny, all about it. Yeah, so The World
Next Door is a mash up between a couple of elements
that gamers are familiar with. We’ve got visual
novel sort of light, as well as puzzle
action gameplay. And it’s about a girl named Jun. She’s a human who’s visiting
this a parallel world of Emrys that’s magical and wonderful,
but she gets trapped. And so she needs the
help of her friends to figure out a way to
get back home safely before the timer runs out. Very cool. Sounds really interesting. Can you talk a little
bit about the gameplay and what it looks like? So there are two main
sections to the game. The first that
players will encounter is a visual novelesque
type of gameplay. So you’ll get to
know the characters, you’ll have lots of
dialogue options, and really just immerse
yourself in the world of Emrys. The second component
that players will see is a sort of tetris attacks,
puzzle, battle action gameplay. It’s a– you’ll match up
the same color of runes to figure out how to cast spells
and attack any enemies that may be coming at you. Gotcha. All right. Well again, it sounds
really a lot of fun to play. Can you talk about
the game’s release, and you guys are really
anticipating it, right? Yes, it’s right on–
right on our heels. It’s coming out March 28. So that’s this coming
Thursday, and it’s coming out on PC, Mac, and Switch. Awesome. Can you talk a little bit
about Rose City Games? You guys are based in
Portland, that’s where I live. Yay! Talk a little bit about it. So Rose City Games is really
unique in that it was founded by really the local community,
Corey and Will co-founded Rose City Games. They also co-founded
this group called PIGSquad, which is the
Portland Indie Gaming Squad. And so, what’s really
unique and special is that the people on the team
have all met through PIGSquad and have really come
together, not just because they love
to make indie games, but they really are in
support of developing the indie community in Portland. Well, very cool. So you guys are
based in Portland. It sounds like you guys have
a really solid team together. Can you tell me a little bit
about how you guys ended up at GDC this year
and what Intel– what Intel’s role has
been for the game? Yeah, well Intel has been
great in supporting us just throughout the process of
creating “The World Next Door”. And we are here with the
Intel innovators group and just really excited
to be showing off the game at this booth. Very cool. Awesome. Can you tell the
viewers where they can go to learn more about
the game, its release, and maybe a little bit
about Rose City as well? Yeah. So players who are interested
in “The World Next Door” can go find us on social media. We’re on Twitter
at @rosecitygames as well as at
@worldnextdoor_ And we’re on Instagram at
@rosecitygamespdx, so you can go to
there if you’d like to engage with us on social. And, of course,
rosecitygames.com and theworldnextdoor.com. And again, we come out on
PC and Switch on March 28. All right, great. Well thank you,
Jenny, for joining me and remember to
check out the links provided to learn more about
the game, Rose City, et cetera. Thanks for watching.