Millennium Biltmore Hotel Here we go Are you ready boys Why do you keep dragging us into these things guys? I mean I am excited to see how big the room is Yeah definetly That is going to be nice I think that is going to be cool, but I am not excited to stay over night. And you know what we said to last time? What? We said we were gonna seance. F*** that I think we should make a pack before we even go inside that no matter what happens this time… We stay until morning. You down? So overnight, overnight , overnight? What ever scary happens.. Even if we have another crazy ghost experince we cannot leave this hotel We can’t back out of this one What if a ghost starts clapping your cheeks Then I have to enjoy it Back already Here we go Oh boy This is gonna be one long night No one said thanks to Corey for opening the door. Thank you for opening the door to our worst nightmares. This place never seems to get like less creepy its always so freaky This literally looks like a castle I got Queen Mary vibes Dude it feels like were about to die It does feel like were about to die Last time we went into a creepy hotel twice is the scariest night of our lives It feels like you know were a group of guys in a movie. Don’t you dare say that cause that means we are going to die It feels like were about to meet our worst nightmare to be honest. It does feel fake It doesn’t feel real That is what it is like it feels like we are at a place that its like dress up I think its becuase its just not modern it like were in the 50s Its very old, old timey I am ready to go in there man Lets check it out guys I have never been in a presidential suite Bust down Thotiana Bust down I wanna see you bust down I have you heard any stories about presidential suite at all being like haunted or anything like that? No I’ve just heard rumors.. That is why I was asking What about this hotel in general? Um.. I don’t know It is on the website On the website We will do some reading then