this is the JW Marriott Marquis it is the tallest hotel in the world which was a record we achieved shortly after we opened in November of 2012 just a few little trivia pieces about the hotel is a we have extremely fast elevators six meters per second to which you may feel that on the way up to some of our higher floors we’ve also got over a hundred and two thousand steps in the building so if you’re counting your steps you can definitely get a few in in this building sixty thousand panes of glass make up the exterior and the facade and I think probably the the highlight of this building is its its great positioning right here at business pay off Sheikh Zayed Road and the fact that the design is very iconic which has now made it really a landmark in the dubai skyline which as most people know is already a very well thought of skyline throughout the world due to the skyscrapers look out the window the views are just spectacular in this building I mean it doesn’t matter what floor you’re on you can look at any window and see four kilometers or miles whichever your reference point is you can see all the symbols of Dubai you can see the palm jumeirah you can see the world see the Burj Khalifa you can see good dolphin racing stables that that’s part of that experience the other piece would be what’s inside the building we have two ballrooms we have sixteen hundred and eight bedrooms we’ve got eight thousand square meters of meeting space we’ve got a world-class spa all under one roof which means that if a group wants to come from anywhere in the world a thousand people at one time I’m one of the only hotels in the city that can handle that and that’s something that really makes us special you know I’m not a rock star so I’ll never be on the cover of Rolling Stone but I got to tell you when you open up that Guinness Book of World Records and you see your hotel there and you’re the general manager wow what a feeling it’s fantastic you you