I’m Dexter Weaver the owner of weaver
d’s fine foods. Weaver D’s is considered soul food. Our number one seller here is
our fried chicken. Our three key seasonings is salt,
pepper, and garlic salt; that’s what make that chicken taste so good. And
then I guess the way we fry it and how we fry it, and the time that we fry it. Damn good chicken. I’m addicted to the fried chicken here. I love the desserts. Everything is A1. Our vegetables, our squash casserole, broccoli casserole, sweet
potato soufflé, fried corn, fresh collard greens When I first came here the first
thing I learned to say was automatic. Automatic. Automatic. My slogan automatic for the people meaning “ready quick and efficient” was chosen by R.E.M you know they use that as their album title. My wife and I decided that we’d go on honeymoon to America and do the whole
great American road trip the reason we came here is because I’m a bit of an R.E.M fan, Automatic for the people. I enjoy making other people happy and I enjoy seeing
people eating the fulfillment that they get out of the meal. Automatic!