yo I’m currently in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Not sure I say it right. It’s in Kowloon which is the mainland part of Hong Kong
and basically I’m only here for one night so I decided to book a room in the
Chungking Mansions. Now if you don’t know the Chunking Mansions, basically it’s a building that was built in the early 60s originally it was supposed to be a
residential building composed of five wings and over time it became kind of a
makeshift hotel slash shops slash restaurants that were improvised by
residents and other people just… It’s very strange.
In this building you’ll actually find… Why? huh? I’m filming myself. What the f**k!?
I’m filming myself why do you insult me with this? this my head! Huh? I’m… This is pointing at me not at you and you’re doing this to me. you’re a disrespectful old man! – No…
– That’s what you are. You’re old fool! so basically in this building you’ll
find pretty much people from all over the world living there permanently or
just passing through like me Some of those kind of apartments were turned
into tiny hotels and I think I found probably the tiniest hotel room in all
of Hong Kong and it’s kind of sketchy too.
Look at this building… As you can see here: Chungking mansions Now, as I said, this building is separated in five wings Each wing has its own
elevator and as you can see… Sometimes you’ll have to wait quite a bit just to
be able to get into the elevator and go up your room There’s two elevators for each block One goes to all of the even number floors and the other
one goes to the odd number floors And the first three floors are actually
mostly shops and restaurants I’m actually going to block “E” so let’s go
further inside this is Block “B” it’s not fully packed. It can get
much worse than this Hi! all right!
Tenth floor time to get off Now I took the one that goes to the tenth floor because the line up on the other one was too long so I’m just gonna climb the last floor through the stairs Alright!
So you see it this is a hotel. This is another one and this is the one I’m
staying at This is the hall the shared kitchen and this right here is my room! this is the room the bed actually
touches all four walls **Laughs** And this is the bathroom now everything is a little bit wet right now
because I took a little shower when I arrived And the shower is
right here so as you can see if you’re taking a shower, you’re pretty much
wetting up the whole tiny place Now I’ve stayed in capsule hotels in Tokyo
before and it’s much smaller than this room but it doesn’t claim to be an
actual hotel room. it’s a capsule right? here is really the smallest hotel room
I’ve ever stayed in but on the bright side the view is amazing
check it out nope there’s not even a window **Laughs** and just
to give you a sense of proportions This bed is actually not very big
Check it out… if I put my head on the pillow… my feet actually touch the wall… so I have to either sleep in diagonal like this or I have to bend my legs just to
be comfortable enough to sleep and honestly I’m a bit of a claustrophobic guy so I really have to be like dead tired or exhausted to get back to this room and be able to fall asleep Or else I’m just gonna kind of freak out.
There’s no window, it’s tiny, I’m touching all four walls without even moving and when I turn off the light, there’s absolutely no source of light coming in from anywhere which is a bit freaky well to a guy like me anyways and to add to the charm of this room,
the sheets are stained not quite sure what it is but it
makes it so much nicer so much more welcoming there’s not even enough room for me to
sit normally in the toilet bowl Or even to close the door… I guess that’s what you get in Hong Kong when you don’t want to pay more than 30 bucks good night