[soft guitar music] – [Bob] Fuzzy, the Buckner
family has just had this wonderful tradition
for all these years and you step into it and
you kinda gotta put your own mark on it and your own
reputation and your own little tricks of the trade. – Well, over the years,
there’s not a whole lot we have changed because
our parents did it so well, that we learned a lot from them. We have tweaked a few things
and changed up a few things, but not too many. We want to keep
the old tradition that Mom and Dad
started years ago. So, we’ve enjoyed
working and serving the people in Rose
Hill and Duplin County, and surrounding areas,
we just love em all. – Charlie, being a musician, you’ve eaten fried chicken
all over the country, probably all over the world. What do you think of
the fried chicken here? – Well, you’re right, I have
eaten in a lot of places. But Bob, this is as
good as you’ll find. – Yeah.
– It’s great, wow. – Well, you oughta know. – This is good, I can tell you. – Charlie, I’ve eaten out
a lot and people think I’ve eaten out a lot
more than I really do. But I’ve been doing it
for only about 25 years. You’ve got 75 years in of
eating out all the time. – I have been in
many places, Bob, all over the world,
just about it. Eating them submarines, an
oil rig in the north sea, but you know, when
you think about it all and you come back home, you don’t find anything
better than this. – That’s right. – It’s just the best, really. – What you grew up with, it really doesn’t get
any better than this. – It doesn’t get any
better, it really doesn’t. – Look at this seafood platter. We got flounder,
we have a crab cake which they’re really famous for, we have oysters, we have
scallops, we have fried shrimp. Hmmm, I’m telling you. And I’ll tell you what,
this seafood platter also has terrific slaw, and
these fries are coated fries, they’re absolutely delicious. Hmmm! This is a gorgeous plate
with the potato salad and the beets but this
is Westwater country ham from right here
in Duplin County. Warsaw, in fact, look
at that, fried ham. Now people from
away sometimes think this ham is a little too salty. I love it fried, and
I can take it salty cause it really just has a
deep, robust flavor, wonderful. Hush puppies, hush
puppies, you may think that’s just old
business, but I tell you, they’re really famous for
the hush puppies here. Hmmm Listen to that, they
are exceptional. Pit-cooked barbecued pork, I do know a little
something about that since I’ve been cooking it
and eating it for a long time. This is really really good. It’ll come as no surprise to you to learn that they’re
famous for that, too Hmmm, hmmm! And when you come to
Rose Hill Restaurant during May, June and
July, that’s when you get the very best
in-season blueberries for their famous lemon blueberry pie. And if you come at
another time of year, you go with their
famous banana pudding, which is also pretty
doggone well-known, and dream about this. Come, spring and summer. – We don’t frilly
it up a whole lot, but we do like to cook
some good comfort food. – [Deborah] The Rose
Hill Restaurant is at 32 North Sycamore Street in
Rose Hill, and they’re open from 6:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m
Tuesday through Saturday. For more information, give
them a call at [910] 289-2151. Or check them out online
at rosehillrest.com