This smells terrible. GROUCH: Terrible? DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: No,
you smell terrible. GROUCH: Ack! OSCAR: Fancy place you
got here, Garbagedump. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Don’t
you know it, Oscar. This restaurant, Fur, has
already been written up in “Ill Tempered Monthly.” OSCAR: Yeah? DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: We were
given four stinky socks. OSCAR: Ooh. GRUNGETTA: Hideous, blech. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Mhm-hmm. The staff rules, the
chef drools, and the food only occasionally
crawls off your plate. GROVER: Good evening,
lovers of fine cuisine. I am Grover, you’re
cute and lovable waiter. May I start you off with a
plate of moldy cheese to share? GRUNGETTA: Mhm. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Oh, please do. GROVER: Not my cup of tea,
but who am I to judge? MALE: Waiter? GROVER: Coming, coming. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: So, grouches,
let’s talk about our sales, shall we? My cookbook, “Cooking
from the Can,” is selling like snot cakes. GROVER: Here’s your
dinner, table number 2. GRUNGETTA: Ah-ho-ho–
and speaking of cans, I’m thinking of starting
my own line of can openers. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Oh,
really, Grungetta? GRUNGETTA: Yeah. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP:
That’s a fabulous idea. It’s a terrible idea. OSCAR: Uh-oh, there’s
only one piece left. GRUNGETTA: Oh, so who
gets the last one? DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Well,
now, I’ll take care of this. [YELLING] Waiter? GROVER: Ugh– am I the only
waiter working here tonight? Yes, yes, what is it? What is it? DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Waiter,
another order of moldy cheese, please. GROVER: Oh, I am so sorry, but
we are all out of moldy cheese. Some rats are here
having a birthday party. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Now
there’s three of us, and there’s only one piece left. GROVER: I will get
you something else. The kitchen is full of rubbish. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Wha– GRUNGETTA: The service
here is terrible. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP:
Yes, I pride myself on hiring only the
worst waitstaff. GROVER: How about
these anchovies? They’re the stinkiest
anchovies in town. OSCAR: We want moldy cheese. GROVER: No anchovies, gotcha. How about this sour
sourdough bread, though, huh? It is extra sour. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: We
want moldy cheese. GROVER: No carbs, I get it. [GROWLING] GROVER: [GASPING] DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Oh,
now you’ve done it. The cheese is broken into
one, two, three pieces. GROVER: Ah, yes–
but look, there are one, two, three of you. Now you can share
the final slice. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Well,
it’s a little puny, but I got to watch my
grouchy figure anyway. GROVER: Oh, wow, grouches
sharing and being kind. This will definitely
come up at the reunion. [GROWLING] GROVER: [GASPING] Nice doggie. DIVA GARBAGEDUMP: Oh, really? [SHOUTING] Don’t you call
my little lint ball nice. You’re fired! Don’t you worry, I can find
a worse waiter than him. [MUSIC PLAYING]