Hello it is Radek and Ales from European Coffee Trip and here are 8 tips where to go for coffee in Prague Cafe #1 is Ema Espresso Bar. Very conveniently located just five minutes from the main bus station and five minutes from the train station it’s probably the most popular and busiest cafe in Prague You can find very skilled baristas and the longest bar in Prague and our coffee is ready! We ordered filter coffee from JB Roastery from Munich. It is coffee from Colombia. You should also know that Ema is located in the Czech Language Institute. therefore you can find many references to the Czech language. Cafe #2 is called Kafe Karlín Located in Karlín District it is a small take-away cafe run by two guys Adam and Zdenek. We also met our friend Jaroslav who is barista but also blogger and Youtuber. He will tell us little bit more about Kafe Karlín. Take a look on this cafe.
We are some kind of extension of the street. If you take a look on the floor you can see that the street continues inside of the room. And we are here to support you with a great coffee and expecting you to have a small talk on the bar with awesome baristas like Anicka We tasted espresso from Colombia, from the farmer called Astrid Medina that actually received the Cup of Excellence Award over the last years You can bet it was really good espresso! Cafe #3 is called Onesip Coffe. It’s located in the very centre of Prague, in the old town, and it was opened in April 2015. There are 2 owners – Adam and Zdenek Both of them very skilled baristas and the atmosphere inside of the cafe is incredible. It is very tiny, mostly for take-away, but check their espresso machine! Kees van der Westen lever machine –
only one in Prague – and they prepare coffee from Round Hill from Bath (UK) also only one you can try in Prague. Onesip Coffee it was just like name in the progress. It was like a working name and it stayed with us so yeah Onesip Coffee. Cafe #4 is Original Coffee. It is located in the heart of Prague just around the corner from Old Town Square. Newly re-designed cafe with a nice wooden parts and with illustrations on the wall they run the competition, every six months they change it. They took young aspiring artists to bring some art to the cafe. They even roast their own coffee. Together with Mamacoffee they have also several interesting projects we met the owner (Dani Kolsky) who just got back from Ethiopia and Zuzka Cerna who is 3x Cup Testers Champion is just now in Nicaragua sourcing coffee for both companies Cafe #5 is Eska. Eska is part of Ambiente group and they opened in November 2015. Eska is spread over two floors. In the first floor with the espresso bar you can go for take-away coffee or you can enjoy the view on the open kitchen or if you go upstairs so you can have a lunch or dinner and you can see the brew bar where all the filter coffee is done. And he should definitely come for the breakfast or for a lunch – you will not regret! Ondrej Stokl is the person responsible for all the coffee in Ambiente and of course in Eska. As for coffee they they work with Nordbeans from Liberec and they created the blend called Bambi for espresso also they use coffee called Terminator for filter coffee either as a hand brew or a batch brew. Cafe #6 is La Boheme Cafe. It is located in Vinohrady District of Prague. La Boheme Roastery was founded by Charles Fleer One of the pioneers of speciality coffee in the Czech Republic. It was the first person who brought direct trade and specialty coffee to the Czech Republic and as a result this show room features all these coffees. Main point of our show room is to be presenting us as a roastery so people can choose different variations of single origins house blends for espresso. It is also an award winning cafe. In 2014 it got an award for the Best Design Bar and in 2015 it was chosen as the Best Cafe in the Czech Republic Cafe #7 is called Coffee Room. It’s located in Vinohrady district and it was established in 2014 by Jiri and Monika they came back from London and decided to open their own cafe. Well, we just wanted to keep it simple like not only for Czech people but for foreigners so I think this is pretty simple and basically everyone can understand it. Soon it become popular because of the variety of coffees both espresso and filter and also because of food. They serve daily breakfasts and brunches. Usually you can try coffee from many European roasters for example White Label from Amsterdam, Climpson and Sons from London or da Matteo from Gothenburg. Cafe #8 is called Misto. It’s a cafe run by Doubleshot Roasters who are pioneers in the speciality coffee in Prague and also in the Czech republic. You have to move to Dejvice district to find this cafe that combines great food with great coffee. It doesn’t matter if you go for filter coffee or espresso skilled barista will make sure your orders are perfect. We are tasting an espresso, it’s a seasonal blend called Tam Dem and it consists of sixty percent – Costa Rica, forty percent – Panama. What we like about the cafe is a great design wood together with illustrations make this cafe feels really unique and cosy. There are many more reasons to visit Prague and we are really excited to invite you to the Czech Republic.