Hi everyone this is Liona from Shair My world and I’m here with… Marlene from My Curly Mind We’re standing in front of The Pom Bar We’re going to taste vegan Surinamese dishes I’m going to do this with Marlene Yes, I’m very curious because I’m not vegan at all and I always see delicious vegan bites and dishes on your Instagram feed So I’m pretty curious and now we’re standing at The Pom Bar Surinamese dishes and vegan so I wonder if I’m going to like it and I’m also wondering because this is my first time here at The Pom Bar The Pom Bar is a pretty new joint So I’m also wondering how these veganized Surinamese dishes are going to taste So for both of us the first time here The Pom Bar stands for authentic Surinamese dishes with a modern twist and in the name is the word ‘pom’ It’s a Surinamese dish that we will talk more about later in the video We’re going to take you with us and I’m curious what you’ll think of it so come with us! We’re inside and I’m with one of the co-founders of The Pom Bar Maybe you can introduce yourself What are we going to eat? This one Yes And I really want those pom bitter balls Vegan pom My name is Tanusja I’m 23 years old I started The Pom Bar with my mother, she’s now behind the bar and we actually already had the idea a couple of years ago but it didn’t happen I was busy with school I have a pedagogical background and my mom has an educational background and was still working there So the moment wasn’t there yet So the croquettes or the bitter balls Croquettes veggie and the wrap and.. Taking two is not an option we have to go for another bite Veggie bitter balls They are always vegetarian They are dipped in egg extract I was thinking of passion fruit (markoesa) Me too! Passion fruit (markoesa) so delicious Funny that we both like it yes I really like markoesa Oh I really like markoesa We know what we want! I’m pretty glad that this joint is here I’m just very curious! Especially since I found out that there are vegan options that really had my attention Eventually I chose ginger beer So maybe good to know for the viewer. We say markoesa and that is passion fruit It’s called The Pom Bar Of course! Let’s provoke! I love it! Would you like to taste mine? Would you like to taste my ginger beer? Yes, the markoesa tastes good Oh sharp! The Surinamese people know what pom is, but for the not-Surinamese people it can be unclear Can you tell something about pom? Our vegan pom wrap We have the same Delicious It taste the same as the meat version Yes it tastes good So delicious Approved! Pom is a casserole It’s originally been a Jewish dish A long time ago it’s blown over and originally it was made with potatoes and very quickly it was made with arrowleaf elephant ear because potatoes don’t grow in the tropics It was eaten on Sunday and they were not allowed to touch food so they did it in the oven but the dish stayed in the Surinamese culture and every family added a little bit of their own recipe and myths For example, some mentioned you should put a clout-nail in the middle then it’s perfect but we don’t do that anymore but pom stayed in our culture and it’s a family dish We eat it with birthdays, Christmas holidays, those special moments but you couldn’t really get a good pom outdoor We’re done with our vegan pom wraps and that means that it was delicious! exactly! Actually already with the first bite I think you all could already see that and the scent as well It was really good The pom itself besides the cucumber, lettuce etc You can already taste that the pom itself is good It’s exactly like how my mom would make it when we talk about the taste of the pom I didn’t miss the meat actually It was just really delicious and fresh in a wrap… Pom in a wrap! You don’t see that Mostly you eat pom with rice They gave it a modern twist It was really good Nothing left Personally I don’t eat pom from others because I tried it 10 times and 9 times I was dissapointed So we thought, we’re missing something and the quality was not always good It looked a bit weird the way it was executed It wasn’t always warm or fresh and we thought this can go better I can recommend everyone to just try pom and if you’re going to eat it, do it here We wanted to expose pom with all other Surinamese authentic dishes so not only the bami, nasi, saoto or roti but also the moksi alesi, the heri heri, the ala kondre soup, that many people don’t know anymore and why don’t involve the vegans as well We’re living in a conscious time and it’s good to go along with it and we also don’t eat meat that much so why wouldn’t we include the vegans as well So that’s the pom story in a nutshell and about us The dish is a GO! Absolutely The next time I’m going for the traditional version so pom, rice etc. and then you won’t get the pom mixed like in the wrap but you’ll get a piece of pom I’ll definitely come back it was delicious We just went to The Pom Bar and it was delicious It was really delicious You should really come if you’re in the area We had the vegan wrap this time it again too delicious Next time I would like to try the traditional pom with meat with rice okay… you can go for uhm…. yes with chicken Just to taste it… but the vegan pom was delicious I didn’t taste the difference with the meat version Funny actually but YES I can recommend you the vegan wrap So just drop by and taste for yourself And for the people that don’t know pom, you will get to know what it is, how it tastes because pom is an important dish in the Surinamese kitchen Yes indeed Very nice of you to watch this video and if you like this video give it a thumb up you all know how it works and before this video we recorded another video Yes about our natural hair journey and that will be on my channel So follow. My channel is My Curly Mind and the video you can see pretty soon on my channel Yes, so follow us to stay updated Bye!