[Music] Here is a little video and what I’m about to show you is why a loyalty card can be so important. Now I booked a deluxe suite at the Sofitel in Kuala Lumpur which is where I’m at and if you check out the channel there is a video of that suite however when I went up to the executive lounge to get my welcome pack. They pointed out there they hadn’t actually upgraded me yet and I was in the wrong room and they’ve upgraded me to the Opera suite so this is what a platinum loyalty card will do for you ! Now check out the channel the deluxe suite was wonderful I mean it really really was a nice room this is a bit different ! Of course we have our de riguer Flat screen TV. You have a lounge that seats about 8 a dining table. Little objet d’art here and there very nice furnishings I’ve had a little look around and I did like this cupboard obviously I like it, it’s for the minibar look at that. I love how those doors just disappear so now if you were entertaining you’d have your fridge stocked up with whatever you want to order and that’s all really rather cool this is slightly weird our actual clothes wardrobe is a bus ride from the bedroom but again I do love it when a top five star hotel gives you an iron and ironing board. I’ve got to the hotel late my shirts are creased. I want to go the bar for a late drink. I want to iron a shirt. I haven’t got time for room service to do it they’re going to have an Express or they’re closed It’s 10 o’clock at night so I love that they don’t think it’s beneath them I think that’s wonderful. A laundry bag and all that sort of nonsense as per a normal room. Lovely entrance see it’s a big room it’s got two front doors my definition of a suite is one that has more than 2 doors. This has got two doors where the one door is ! So then we have our separate toilet, which of course is immaculate and it does all that heat cleaning stuff. more complimentary water. Hermes toiletries and a lovely sink and if you grab up there you said beautiful big mirror and all our other stuff if we look in here yes like a little Pharmacy shop in there with just about everything So as I said he’s a bus ride to the bedroom, well not quite that far. my luggage just came straight over that’s wonderful. so if I’ve got more storage space here obviously it’s a bit more open this is more few bedroom of us a complementary umbrella and over here we have our slippers be needing those and we’ve got some lots of storage space that’s plenty of that if it’s a big one with the safe in used one of these the other week and really cool. Plenty of places to work with powerpoints around everywhere in all the right positions now here’s the bathroom so yeah – 2 vanity sinks lots of complimentary water. Massive big mirror of above me but I’m not going to point my camera it just yet. More bits and bobs a fantastic bathtub and nobody needs they have the tap end how cool is that. Brilliant shower with our Hermes toiletries. The rainfall shower and ofcourse the attachment. Another toilet. absolutely spotless and slightly different controls to learn – instructions together they thought my toilet training was over when I was about five four three two whatever age it’s normal that’s what I did it more complimentary water really good workstation and I’ve got HDMI so I presume the HDMI is gonna take me to that screen if i so wish to use it I have got the super bed again another king bed with by the side I’ve got my power point for my light controls this is Sofitel it is lovely and this is one of the best rooms I have stayed at. certainly what I call a true suite. because everything can be partitioned off I shut the bedroom off vestibule area off and I could be entertaining guests in here this really really is a good room and heaven forbid we could actually do some work here. so what I’m gonna say is I got this from my loyalty card I’ll actually tell you what I paid for this room tonight I’ve paid UK 137 pounds to be in this room in kuala lumper because i booked their prestige suite which I think it’s quiet time was only a hundred thirty seven pounds and that’s rather a stunning view might even try for a sunrise tomorrow morning so I pretty impressive I’ve got three other windows so do check out the channel do subscribe because I’m going to do some time lapse sunrises whatever window is the right window as I have a corner place I’ve got a good chance of getting something there’s more windows here you’ll see the views in other videos check out the channel as I said I’ve also got a video where other deluxe suite sorry a Prestige suite, prestige suite. I’ve got a video of that so check that out to do an idea the hotel I’ll also do a video montage of the whole hotels do check that out and all the links to be in the description is normal so hopefully you like that little big thumbs up do share the channel with anyone that we know likes a bit of travel or even funky French art and of course do subscribe because I travel a lot and there’s more of this going on all the time so I hope you’ve enjoyed that hope you enjoyed a little sneaky walk around the Sofitel Opera suite and thanks for watching take care guys bye for now [Music] [Music] you [Music]