Hi this is Vindy Lee and I’m here at
Pullman Jakarta hotel right in the center of the summer in central business
district I heard there is Le chocolat Lounge in this hotel and they serve
really really good hot chocolate so at the 30 minutes before my next
appointment and let’s go! Ooh selection of breakfast oh we have
high tea too from 2:00 to 6:00 well it looks delicious but I only have a half
an hour here we go hot chocolate I heard the Mayan hot chocolate is the way to go a a little interesting facts about chocolate
chocolate is actually native to Mexico and both Central and South America of
course chocolate sweet was actually hot chocolate where you only use grounded
roasted cocoa beans and water that’s it very much unlike the hot chocolate and
you have today with cream and love and sugar well chocolate is actually
considered vegetarian the chocolate tree it’s a kind of evergreen which
is good for a lazy vegetarian, I guess actually there is no scientific evidence
that chocolate can’t cure PMS it doesn’t really help it probably emotionally will
soothe you you know great but I’ll just say that chocolate is a good treat after
a bad decision yes I’m looking forward to my Mayan hot chocolate Actually, they have a dessert case over there. Let’s go check it out Actuallu 70 percent of the world’s cocoa production is from Africa. And considering that there’s an increase in demand, Chocolate is getting really expensive What is the most famous one here? Most popular? OK I’ll have the white chocolate mousse cake the white chocolate mousse cake is the most popular item here for desserts and actually white chocolate is not a
chocolate they contains zero percent cocoa and it’s considered just as a sweet treat But I love it anyway Thank you Ooh Mayan hot chocolate Yaasss! Thee famous one it comes with a
little butter cookie assuming that they made this their own the other hot chocolate is that egg yolks to make it thicker and another cookie this Old Fashioned hot chocolate has egg yolks in it, to make it thicker and a more savoury taste Lebih gurih yeah? Cheers everybody! Ooh the dust of cinnamon on top can
smell it you see oh there’s a little kick the
chocolate taste is really pure it’s not to thick as I would imagine well the Aztecs drank it with water anyway right so there is a little cream, a little froth on top but you can definitely Oh the kick comes at the back of your tongue you’ll taste a little bit of spiciness so if this is your kind of thing my thing is this hot chocolate or
I’m so up physically and gives you nice warm fuzzy feelings Cookie Mmm really butter, crunchy I am a dunker so excuse me Dunk! Chili hit the right spots this is a real comfort food if you only have 30 minutes and you want a quiet environment comfortable and really good hot chocolate this is the way to go I mean
there’s not a lot of people here which is great for business conversation
so are even a family friend gatherings if you don’t like the hot chocolate
again opt for TWG teas they also have a good selection of coffees here let’s see this
chocolate dome oh yeah Wow look at the contrast I love like the
velvety black in this white hmm chocolate mousse I’ll just have like a
little wait oh there’s a sponge in the bottom there’s a little almond on the
crust I love the texture of that chocolate ganache layer velvety kind of
gelatinous but yeah I don’t really taste that much chocolate is more of vanilla
and white chocolate maybe you like white chocolate and my mom loves – white
chocolate she would love this cake white chocolate mousse is fluffy the
chocolate it looks dark but it’s actually pretty sweet this is definitely
for people that people has a sweet tooth I’m about to leave for my next meeting I was lucky enough and her name is Natalie Bolt actually I bump into you in the
restroom yes she was so nice and friendly okay so
why are you from I’m from Australia I’ve been working for Pullman Jakarta for
one year now I just over one year and it’s been an amazing experience we have
a beautiful hotel and a beautiful lounge here which is the only chocolate lounge
in Jakarta the only chocolate lounge in Jakarta that’s what I’m here for and the
difference between here and other restaurant is if you have a good list of
the chocolate, hot chocolate in particular we’re very proudly using
single origin Indonesian chocolate so we use chocolate from Sumatra and Bali and it’s really good I had a Mayan hot chocolate earlier on so where are the cocoa beans from? The cocoa beans were mostly from Sumatra and Bali
two main major that we source from It was really good, it was sort of fruity the sweetness was just right, and there’s a kick there so it’s a little bit of chili just to kick in the back sprinkling of cinnamon on top really
good Really good right well thank you so much again Such an honor to meet you Chef Natalie Bolt you thank you for coming to Le Chocolat Definitely! that was my 30-minute Le chocolat
experience it was a really good break for a quick hot chocolate and as you’ve
heard the cocoa beans are sourced from Indonesia and my Mayan hot chocolate was excellente until next time this is Vindy Lee and I’m off to my next meeting Bye!