So, we are in one of the best rooms in the hotel. For 500 Rupees, he knocked it down to 300. It was suppose to be 250 originally! The manager said “wonderful room, very good!” It’s better than the one we saw downstairs. An old guy took it. Really? That’s interesting! Is it a wardrobe? Don’t open it! Norbert, don’t! What if there is a cadaver in there? No. It’s just a fiberboard and a passage to another room, I guess. And now. What are we paying for? Well… Here it is! For the fun! And the fan and the TV that doesn’t work. For the fan and the TV that failed to turn
on after 10 minutes of setting up. But! If someone was very lazy, or simply didn’t like getting up in
the middle of the night to open the window, then no worries whatsoever as … we’ve got two in one: /We have a vent!/ … a glass and a hole! You can’t really see it.
No. You can see some. Anyway, our host just said: “No worries. Cover it up
with the curtain and it’s not here anymore” Nowhere to be found! What you can’t see… What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over. Exactly, it can’t upset you. Honestly speaking, we were not surprised that much as it’s quite… We’ve even got a kettle. Just look! It’s quite common in cheap hostels. We’ve got a kettle… A kettle hmm…kettle. Yep, that’s a kettle indeed. OK. Let’s have a look into the bathroom now. As you can see, the guys really spared no efforts before
our arrival.They’ve given a good clean to the floor, cleaned the toilet Gee! Even the soap is there. The soap’s been put there just today, intact. Never been used by anyone. The toilet is very clean. Very clean! Under the circumstances… Even Western style! I prefer rather Indian style, in India. After all! Just look! Is it a roll hanger or what?
Gee !#?#! Toilet roll hanger! Hmm… Ingenious, ingenious… Can’t say… And here… Well, I won’t bother you with telling
what is what and what is it for? Like this little pot here. I know too well. So do I. Camera operator. All right then. So here we are. Another night in a marvelous suite… Goodnight.