Welcome, welcome. Sit anywhere you like.
Sit here, sit here. This one, sit right here,
sit right here. Yeah, you two, sit right here.
There you are. That’s a good lady,
yes, all right. Are you first time?
First time? First time?
First time? Is this the first time? First time? First time?
First time? First time? First time for you? First time? Yes. Oh! Dobra. Dobra. So what’s good? What?
I tell you right. You have to have the evapi. evapi is what you’re
going to have, okay? Oh don’t they serve that in the café
across the street? No! You cannot get the evapi
at the café across the street! [foreign language.] What? What did I say? Across the street
is Albanian. This café Macedonian.
Macedonian. My friends. I like to apologize
for the behavior of my passion. I just feel bad
in my brain for people to think that your mouths
will have been raped by the food that they serving at these
Albanian mother of bitches. This mother bitch has sons
of my bitch across the street. What they be serving
is evapi. And what do you serve here? We serve the Kebapi. Kebapi. Kababis. Kebapi.
Kebapi. Kababi. Ke. Ke. Ba. Pi. Kebapi. Kababpi. No. Look at mouth. Ke. Ke. Ba.
Ba. Pi.
Pi. Kebapi.
Kebapi. Kebapi
Kebapi, Kebapi,
Kebapi, Kebapi,
Kebapi, Kebapi,
Kebapi, Kebapi,
Kebapi, Kebapi,
Kebapi, Kebapi, yeah,
now you’re getting. Kebapi, Kebapi, Kebapi,
Kebapi, You got it. You finally did. Kebapi,
Perfect. What is the different
between Kebapi and evapi? But I don’t know. I have to forgive them. Right? [Foreign language.] For the bastard
mother bitches over there that are serving the evapi? Uh-huh (affirmative). Well then, the grilled meat, salt, chopped red pepper,
diced onion, cream, [Foreign language],
the cottage cheese. Well, what do you serve? We serve the Kebapi, and we put in
the cottage cheese, the [Foreign language],
the [Foreign language], the cream you know?
Then it’s dice onions. Sounds exactly like- Chopped red pepper
and then the grilled meat. Then the grilled meat.
And then we stir it. And across the street, they do- Those mother bitches
over there, they mix it. They sons of mother,
mother sons of … [Foreign language.] I don’t know
what that’s supposed to mean- [Foreign language.] [crosstalk.] We hare here. They are there.
We are here. They are there. Here, there, here, there, here,
there, here, there, here, there. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no. Good. This is my friends! [crosstalk.] Now, it is time for you
to try the real good food, not what the son of my bitches
serve across the street. McDonalds? Sure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I make sure for to
give us the five stars on Yelp.