Hello, welcome to Robbie Lounge, I’m Robbie Today, I’m gonna go to Shinagawa Prince Hotel, which is known by most people in Japan This is the building of the hotel This hotel has more than 3000 rooms and is the biggest city hotel in Japan This hotel group has the highest sales in hotels-industry segment. Actually, this Price Hotel is run by Seibu Group Company As for Seibu, it’s famous for Seibu Depertment Store, Seibu Lions Baseball Team and so on So, why its hotel name isn’t Seibu Hotel? This is from a story of a founder of the group He is Mr. Yasujiro Tsutsuimi Seibu Railway Company is famous in Seibu Group. It was a Company “Musashino-Testudo” before what it is now More than 100 years ago, in Meiji era, the company was founded But at the begging, management of the company was devastating so he took the management right and regenerated the financial administration He was so talented on development of lands and he had a credo, “After World War 2, and Japan revives, a middle class of people will enjoy their vacations” “So, investing lands as resorts is benefit of the nation” Under such credo, he was devoted to buying lands by leading telephone line to underground of his house, even in the middle of the war After the war, he never stopped In 1946, GHQ announced depluming of some royalties and made them pay property tax In other words, imperial turned to be ordinary people but they have gorgeous houses so they have to pay much tax At this time, Mr Tsutusmi asked them to buy their houses He did that and built a hotel on those lands That’s why this hotel got a name of “Prince” Do you understand this story? I feel its name is fancy but I didn’t know behind the name. This is interesting Anyway, let’s take a look at today’s room! Good evening everyone, this is another Robbie. I’m vigorously speaking!!! now, I’ll show you the room!!! oh it’s already begun uhhhh, this is,,, (calm down myself,,,) The room is like this like this, yes, there are a lot of chargers… no, I don’t want to say such thing ok, JUST LOOK! Oh my god, today I’m a little bit nervous The room is, oh, this frame is skew Now you see orange-tasted color But actual sight is a bit more soft (calm down, calm down) (There is a tea… much tea, and a fridge) oh, a normal hotel a green tea, a green tea, a coffee Those shampoo case was broken but there were, Then, I felt here was an old-style hotel room Though this is what I’ll explain later, this room belongs to not a new building but a old one EMERGENCY AVOINDING!!!!!! This time I was so tired that I didn’t tell you anything Time to sleep I took this video on July 15th, I mean 3 months ago Good night Good morning. Thank you for the tour, another Robbie I stayed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Anex Tower and here is 21st floor above this floor you can stay new designed rooms I guess another YouTuber stayed at and reported this room He must have stayed there So if you’re interested in the room, please watch his video By the way, there was a bowling alley on 1st floor and a movie theater so you’ll enjoy it if you come with your family or couple or friends Go there and have fun until nights then you go back to the hotel directly This time I stayed with 11,816 yen in total, This room is for 2 persons so cost about 5,500 yen for each person I should have stayed with someone but,,,, If you come with 2, you’ll be satisfied with the price But more the 10,000 yen for 1 person, I think it’s too expensive although Prince Hotel is famous and has 5 stars, this hotel is a 4-stared-hotel Most generations, especially elderly people know this hotel, so it has long history But I like rather city hotels that were opened these days This is just my opinion This room is large, but has nothing special Speaking of this view from the room, it looks nice Anyway, thank you very much for watching this video If you like it, please hit like button and subscribe me See you again