Mehgan: Mable’s Smokehouse is an authentic
roadside barbecue restaurant located in Brooklyn, New York.
Jeff: I remember growing up in my mom’s restaurant in Oklahoma and watching her and my grandma
cook. Meghan: I came to New York initially to be
an actress and I always worked in restaurants from the time I was seventeen.
Jeff: I eventually became Director of an art gallery and then the recession hit and nobody
was buying art anymore. Meghan: Jeff really wanted to find a way to
honor his grandmother – Mable. During this whole time, we had these backyard barbecues
that had reached almost a cult status. People went crazy for this cooking. He was using
his grandma’s secret barbecue recipe and he just had this idea, let’s open our own restaurant. Jeff: We scraped together money from friends
and family and I had a little money from an inheritance.
Meghan: We found this amazing bombed-out industrial space and we couldn’t afford contractors so
we just did it all ourselves. Jeff: I remember, we were just sitting in
our car one time covered in dust, like, when will this ever be over, when I am finally
going to be able to just cook. Meghan: During all this madness, we had our
son Henry and he literally grew up in this restaurant.
Jeff: We were really naive about how much capital it was going to take to do the build-out,
get open. Meghan learned how to use all the sauce and grills and everything. The success
really came as a surprise to both of us – b’cause you never really know. You put in all this
time and effort and money. Meghan: We sit here on a Saturday night and
this place is completely packed. People are eating and drinking and having the best time
and we think – we did this!