First job I ever had? Highschool Cashier. WHOO!!! Most kids had friends to hangout with during lunch. But do you know what I had… Tetris… on Facebook. Because I didn’t have any friends. The school hires students to work at the lunch lines. Highschools about the age where your parents are kicking you out of the house to get a job anyways. I thought this was my chance to finally
earn some money! Unlike the other kids where… they got allowance and… What- Mom! My school was outdoors, so there weren’t
any cafeterias or lockers. But we still had drug buuusts. WHOO!!! There were two stands, one of the top of the school and one of the bottom, and I got to work at the bottom. I was a shy person. But I wanted that sweet cash. So I did what I had to do to survive. I was a cashier and server,
I would give out the food and take the money. Working at the bottom lunch line had it’s perks. Not as many students went below to get food, so we got off work halfway through lunch. Whereas, if you worked at the top,
you had to stay the whole lunch. See kids! It doesn’t always pay to be on the top. We got to eat anything the line served. Being a kid who only got PB&J for the last 15 years,
I wasn’t about to complain. I did notice that some of the food we sold mmm…. wasn’t up to code. We sold pizza until it was gone. If we got pizza on Friday, we would be selling the remaining pizza on Monday. MONDAY!!! Those bean and cheese burritos… took two months to sell. I swear they’re still using the same batch. Some of the student started to notice that the pizza wasn’t quite up to standard but…. it was our job to basically lie to them. “I swear we bought this pizza today.” Being a girl sucks I was constantly sexually harassed on the job “Yeah, I two giant milk jugs and one
succulent peach, please.” You know we didn’t even sell peaches. augh Who does he think we are, Walmart?
I met a lot of crazy people working at the lunch lines. This one chick just walked up and asked if I had an orange. and I told her we had never sold any oranges at this food stand before. And she basically exploded on me. *laughs* She started going on this five minute tangent about why I didn’t have oranges and how it was ruining her life and… I- I- I stood there like, ookay. A downside to working at the lunch lines
were the stalkers. Everyday this guy would ask for free food and being the honest no nonsense person I was. I would say “Noooo.” Second semester rolled around and he was in my cooking class. He’d watch me the whole time during class. He would follow me during lunch into the library. He would constantly ask… “Hey, gi- give me free food like… give some of those gatorades, give me some sunchips or whatever.” He just followed me around everywhere. Everyday he seemed to get a little bit more in rage as if I owed him the food. I- I don’t understand why. I don’t know how but somehow my teacher caught on about the whole situation Aaand the school kind of put a restraining order on him, so he couldn’t really be around me. The school felt bad so they gave me a book, so I just gave it as a present at a Christmas Party. Sooo, turns out the book was the ‘Fault In Our Stars’, so maybe I should’ve kept it. Whoops! I did what I had, so ha- gosh Speaking is so hard for me. Now, you might think working at the bottom would be sad… would be sad- no, that was so stupid. I met a lot of craypee- Craypee? Some of the students started to no- Some of the students- *slurping*