This is my favorite hotel in Paris. There are a lot of students here. The best part about this place is just outside on your left is Little India. This is where one can enjoy Indian food at just 5 Euros for a plate. I ate a lot the last time I was here. So I’m heading towards the Bombay Palace right now. A little ahead you will find the Paris train station and the street in front of it houses Little India. I am Traveling Desi, and in this video, I’ll show you this area where.. Where you can find the cheapest Sim cards in Paris. On those shops where people use Western Union to send money back home. The people who eat food here in Turkish, Indian and Pakistani restaurants. There are a ton of Indian grocery stores run by the, people here. This one belongs to a Bangladeshi gentleman. Entering one of these shops will make you feel as if you are in a proper Indian grocery store. You get Indian rice, legumes, vegetables, and a lot more. Everything, that you can imagine. These stores are called cash and carry here because most people visit for 3-4 days only. So they won’t be buying vegetables and fruits. So we won’t go into that detail. A lot of people from Pakistan, Bangladesh and obviously, Indian community live here. You’d find multiple languages written outside shops like Bengali, Hindi, Urdu. Signs for Halal food, vegetarian food, you can get everything here. You get Indian groceries here and Indian-type butcher shops as well. You also get Indian sweets. And just behind me is a Indian chaat shop. And the prices are really competitive due to the number of shops selling similar items. Everything you get here is Indian. There are a lot of stores, including phone stores. The one behind me is selling Sim cards from Lika mobile and Lybara sims which are the cheapest in all of Europe. And the places where Desis make it, you’d find cheap cell phone repair shops easily. And in this shop you will find Sai Baba, Bajrang Bali, Ganesh Ji and Laughing Buddha. There are some adult stores as well in this area. But I was hungry not thirsty. So I directly went to the budget restaurant, where I always visit during every Paris trip. That is Bombay Palace restaurant, where you can get a belly full of food for just 5 Euros or around Rs.400. And trust me guys, you won’t get such cheap Indian food in all of Europe. Now I’m in Paris on my first night at my favorite Indian restaurant. Bombay Palace is the most reasonably priced restaurant and I’m having my meal here. You get 2 dishes. I got chicken and mushroom and you get 3 rotis with this. The mushroom is delicious, tastes like meat curry. The menu is quite straightforward. You can get all food items within 2-7 Euros. Whether you want kidney beans, chickpeas, dry vegetables, samosas or a full on non-veg menu. Carrot halwa, firni or Indian sweets. They have everything here. I then went to a similar restaurant with familiar plates, but this looked a bit different than our Indian food. On a side note, this place did look more like a shop in Old Delhi than Paris. Sir, what do you charge for this plate? The one he prepared? Sorry? What do you charge for this plate? 5 Euros. 5 Euros? Wow. This is really good quantity. Is this Bangladeshi food? Yes. Bangladeshi. And apart from Indian restaurants, you will find Bangladeshi restaurants as well. The quantity for food you get in 5 Euros is huge. Sir, I actually have never seen such quantity of food in these prices in Europe. 5 Euro per plate. 5 Euro. Where are you originally from? Bangladesh. Where in Bangladesh? Dhaka. How long have you been here? Around 13 years. 13 years? Do you speak Bengali? Yes. I just know this phrase. “E shofet roshogulla bhisho mitha” (This rasgulla is really sweet). And over here, two of the biggest stations in Paris are located 5 minutes walk away from each other. Gare Du Nord and Gare de I’est. Nord means North, Northern station. And I’est means East station. The East bound trains go from there. The North route consists of Amsterdam, Brussels and more, that depart from Gare Du Nord. These are located just 5 minutes apart. The street that you see here is about 500 meters away from the Eastern railway station. This is why you can easily get a metro or buses while traveling through Paris. This bus is heading towards the Northern station which is about 700 ahead on this street. Little India is located at this L-shaped area/intersection. This is basically a Pahadganj-like area. Just like you get cheap hotels, sim card shops there. A lot of tourists exploring. This is just like that. So not one of the best areas of Paris, but definitely very cheap. This street shares the wall with my hostel. But, this area is not very safe. Particularly after 11pm-12 am or after it gets dark, you should not wander around here. This is because it’s not Central Paris, but is located a 20 minute Metro ride from Central Paris. Or you can say 20 minutes away from other attractions like the Eiffel Tower. Almost every restaurant here has the 5 Euro board outside their storefront that you can easily spot. Buses travel through here regularly. I’ll show you another place, which I noticed after seeing Bhai’s (Salman Khan) photo. And I believe this too is written in Bengali. There are a lot of salons here as well in desi style like a “Hajjam”.The prices here are 5 Euros for a shave and around 7-8 Euros for a haircut depending on which one you choose. There are so many of these here. And soon after, it started getting dark, which during the summers is around 9pm. Here you can find Chennai Dosa, Best of India and even branded restaurants that are quite popular like Saravanaa Bhavan. The area is fine, but during nighttime, around 10-11pm, there are a lot of homeless, drunk, junkies roaming. So it’s not safe during those hours, whether you are passing through or you live here. So roaming here late at night is not a good idea. This is why I made a swift exit from here, towards my hostel’s bar. Young travelers were playing beer pong here and having a good time. I too joined them for a couple of games. All this was happening at the Bellushi’s sports bar, the hostel’s in-house bar. Made some new friends, played beer pong. Some of these people will be heading to “Que city du passage” in the morning and after that, during the night they will head to “bay windsor party”. Since it was a Thursday, the place was less lively. And I’d been exhausted from my last flight, so I skipped the party in favor of Friday. This concludes today. I’m really tired, I’ll go get some sleep because starting tomorrow, I have to start shooting Paris. Okay guys, join me on this budget Europe trip. So that I can show you various European cities and also the shooting process behind these videos. For timely updates on my videos, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, and the bell icon.