My name is Roman, last name Cheban I prepare coffee I try to make my coffee with love, I put my heart into it This is my profession, it is called a barista A barista is someone who prepares coffee and knows all about the coffee and coffee beans And generally, about the coffee machines and all methods of preparing coffee How did we get the idea to open a coffee shop on Deribosivskaya street? We’ve been working a lot in bars selling alcohol, but then we wanted to get away from selling alcohol I have two bosses. One of them owns a bar and the other one owns several coffee shops They got together and found a talented designer She designed the entire cafe Her name is Ksenia Pleshko, a very nice girl She painted everything here Going back to the question of how we decided to open the coffee shop We wanted to sell less alcohol to people and do something tasty Working together, we started to build this place The construction was, as I remember, both very hard and very fun Especially under the first painting That was fun, we painted four days in the winter It was very cold and the paint laid very badly I had to lay down four layers of paint in order to make everything here as it is now We opened, we opened easily At first there were a lot of people, it was winter A lot of tourists attended, and well, how to say we had good earnings, good coffee sales Now there are not as many people, but still people come and drink our coffee And, basically, it’s not bad But of course, we are located on the main street of Odessa, on Deribasovskaya street Rent here is really expensive The rent is $100 dollars per square meter We use our coffee that we roast ourselves The roast type is espresso Slightly darker seeds You can even take a look at the grain Those are Arabica beans. Look carefully… Deep-roasted, white streak, few defects We will prepare the most traditional drink It is called espresso Espresso was founded in Italy, as well as the coffee machines We use a tamper to compress the coffee In the same shape as the holder Be sure to wipe all sides to remove excess coffee and prevent clogging of the port-filter of the coffee machine Letting some water out to lower the temperature We put it in and immediately turn on the water to prepare a delicious coffee Now, we count the time, waiting for espresso It takes 25 seconds Twenty five seconds have passed At last our espresso is ready to give to the customer “Please, take. It’s for you.” “Try it and tell me how it tastes” Our plans for the future are big enough We’re planning to open many coffee shops in the future But certainly there aren’t many opportunities at least for a couple of shops more in Odessa And if we can it would be cool to open some around the world My dream is to teach a lot of people So they can prepare good, tasty coffee Also, to give people joy and smiles after their day’s first cup of coffee I hope we will succeed in the future So that we can open the same coffee shops Perhaps, they’ll be even a little bit different from each other but they will be under one name I think people will see and recognize them immediately