Oh my god.
(SCREAMS) Staci:
Oh my god!
The design’s awesome, it
looks really fresh, beachy. I really love it. Jon
hit it on the money. You can’t help but look at that
sign when you drive by it. And that was the whole
point, to be seen again.Look at the colors, it’s casual,
it’s fun, it’s approachable.
Exactly. Rob, you happy? I’m extremely happy. Is this something that would
re-instill your pride again? It sure has, definitely.
Thank you Jon. -My pleasure.
-This is awesome. I bet you can’t wait
to see the inside. Rob McCarthy:
Ready, I’m ready.
Let’s do this.
Go ahead. -OK everybody.
-Oh my gosh. Whoa! -Wow! Oh my god.
-Oh my god! Staci:
Look at this bar
you guys!
This is beautiful. I’m about
to cry, I’m about to cry. Dudley:
This is nice Rob.
These are sweet. This is nice. -Oh my god!
-Oh my god! Raemone:
Oh my god.
I cannot wait to serve
drinks back here. Jon:
How’d I do?
You did excellent!
Is it OK?
Fun bar?
I would never know where I
am man. It’s fantastic, I just
love the whole theme,it’s really really
neat, and I didn’t,
never dreamed of putting
together something like this. Jon:
Suddenly it’s a whole
different environment.
This is really Tidal Bay.There’s some real opportunity
for you Rob, you agree? I do. So, we got a lot more
people here right? Now we gotta be able
to sell ’em drinks. Lola:
So I wanted to set up
the bar properly, let me show what we
did back there. I got you one, two, three
HarborTouch POS systems. Our workstations now
have double speedwells. Our soda guns
are brixed,which means the ratio of syrup
to soda water is perfect.
And then look around at the
additional seating we have.A lot of revenue potential.But I also wanted to
protect your profits, so I got you a lifetime
subscription to Partender, which takes inventory
behind the bar,in 15 minutes it’s
Then Tomas, the grill
in the kitchen Tomas,to set you up for speed you have
all the right temperature now.
(CHEERS) Thank you. Everybody on this team has been
an incredible contributor. Rob, you’ve
inspired me,you have some wonderful
people with character around
and this is what
you needed buddy,
was a little kick
in the butt and some light at the
end of the tunnel. I’m very grateful. Jon:
How ya feeling Staci?
Oh I’m so excited. Did I set you up
for success? -Yes. Oh.
-Sure did. Can’t wait to
get started. All right, let’s
go to work. Lola:
I’m excited, this
is beautiful,
I can now tell my family and
my friends to come on down.