Oh man!
Look, they’re going up
the whole damn wall! Your building is coming down in
front of us for Christ sakes. Just when I thought we were
clean, all ready to train,wham-o I get hit with
something else.
Now we have
another roadblock. We gotta leave
the building, let’s get an
exterminator in here. Let me get
this assessed and let’s see what the hell
we can do about this guys.This is a
huge problem.
This bar is infested
with ants.I have to call an exterminator,
see if I can solve it,
and if I can even
train inside. What do we got? Man:
Argentine ants.
So they’re foraging, they’re
just trying to invade the bar so we gotta go ahead and
treat the exterior. OK. And then treat the
interior. No issues selling food in
here once you guys are done?You can get this under
control? It’s safe?
Everything will be
safe. Jon:
Good news. Problem solved.
Thank you guys.Thankfully I had a great
exterminator come,
we did eradicate
the problem.
They’re gone. So I want to go
to work ’cause tonight I still have
to have a stress test.