>> Two beers please say
Word has it more KREM please here.
Is that true. You wouldn’t happen
to be here now with the. Better luck.
Next time Laredo.>> Dismissed.>>Rachel another double
ginger ale with a splash
of cranberry juice.>>Hi Mr. Cram I’m Sam.>>Do they know I know
who you are. We’re friends on Facebook. Oh you. You memorize
all your Facebook friends. That wouldn’t be
very good friend if I didn’t. Yeah. Well well.>>Since we’re friends
I don’t mind telling you I never miss a shot of the week.>>If you consider doing a chump
with a day your lawsuits would like me
to do it every hour. But you know what
makes it special is the fact that it’s once a week
it’s anticipation. It’s like flirting
is sometimes more fun than sex.>>Yeah I miss sex though.>>I like to Tucson but I just
enjoy heating it up first.>>OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH. Mark we buy a drink.
Yeah you sure can. And food too. Yeah bail me out.
Also order food. Yeah having bagels up
for all of us.