Just tell me what The
Leafy Elephant is going to be. So The Leafy Elephant is going to be a independent
gin and vodka bar so we’ll have over 200 different gins, a load of cocktails as well as a range
of local craft beer. Are you really excited to be opening here? We’re really excited. Wokingham was the only
place that we were even thinking about launching. We’ve had a great response from people that
are interested in us coming to the town and we just can’t wait to get started. What’s going to make The Leafy Elephant different
to all the other pubs and clubs that are in Wokingham? For us, it’s all about service. We’re going to try and elevate the level of
service beyond anything that the town’s already got. What we mean by that is the expertise
of everybody that we’ve got working here, so you can walk in, you might not know anything
about gin you might have a good idea about gin, but we’ll be able to give you something
that you’re guaranteed to like and that level of education as well as the ambience, as well
as the relaxed setting and being here in Peach Place, which is going to be a beautiful venue,
should hopefully mean that people can come here time and time again. Why Gin? Why Gin? Gin for us is a family business and
Gin for us it’s something that we all share in common as, as a like and it’s so much better
than any other spirits and any other offering in terms of the range of flavours, the range
of different combinations, its wide appeal to everybody and how you can create so many
different things from it. And that in itself is just hugely exciting. So to be able to
bring that all together into one offering is just a great opportunity for us. When do you think you’ll be open? Fingers crossed, we aim to be open in the
spring around March time. For us when the weather starts getting a little bit better,
we may use the outdoor space that we’ve got here. And the, and the run up to Easter
hopefully mean that it all comes together to form one great package.