Times change.You do what you gotta do.For kids.Most employers
don’t want mothers. It’s a competitive market. You don’t know me.For money.You survive.Now might be the time. For what? For you.Our husbands have 24 months lefton their sentences.Sorry, baby. This is the Irish mob.
Organized crime. We’re gonna take care of you. You girls are
gonna be just fine.We got no money.I can’t even make the rentwith what they
gave me last night.
They didn’t want me in the
family in the first place. 40 years we’ve paid protection and we don’t get
nothin’ for it.They have been
telling us forever…
that we are never
gonna do anything…
but have babies.Bunch of men that have forgotten
what family means. So, we remind them. ♪♪♪You look pretty, mama.‘Pretty’ doesn’t matter. It’s just a tool women use. For what? Anything we want. What do you want? ♪♪♪We are gonna have
crews everywhere.
I can see you got brains.And I know you got money.But we got one thing
that you don’t.
We got criminals. Told you we can’t go around working for a bunch of women.You are not smarter than me.I will wipe you off the face of the earth.I don’t want you to do it.I want you to
teach me how to do it. Just to be clear… now we run this neighborhood. Step off my business. Baby, it’s my business now. They’re gonna swallow
this entire city. You go to war,
there’s no coming back. Alfonso Coretti wants to talk. If we go to Brooklyn,
we’re dead. What do you wear
to something like that? You get dressed up? You kidding? What? My God, I lost count again. [laughing]