– [Shane] Did you hear footsteps above? – [Ryan] And the door is open. – [Shane] Was it open before? – [Shane] Stay in there. – Wait, wait a second, what are you doing? – [Shane] Hang on, hang on. – [Ryan] Oh no, no, no, no, no. – [Shane] Holy shit. (screaming) – Alright, this is it, the
infamous Dauphine Orleans Hotel. – [Shane] This looks like a luxury hotel. – I wouldn’t jump quickly to conclusions. Though we are entering
through the valet parking lot. – [Shane] Yeah, there’s valet parking. – [Ryan] Alright, whatever. Don’t judge a book by its cover. – [Shane] This is a hell of a cover. This place it beautiful. – Alright, so this is us, room 101. Going into the carriage house. We just never stay anywhere nice. (eerie instrumental music) – [Shane] I don’t wanna kill the vibe, but we could just turn the lights on. This is a hotel. You just want me to– – No, no, no, your gonna
scare the ghosts away. – [Shane] (laughs) That’s
not how that works. – It may, I dont know. – [Shane] Look at the size of this bed. – [Ryan] You could definitely
smell the age of this room. – [Shane] Holy shit! It’s a jacuzzi tub! Ryan, this is the best
place we’ve ever cleared? – Stayed? – [Shane] Ghostbusted?
(laughing) – We’ve never ghost busted anywhere. This week on Buzzfeed
Unsolved we investigate the Dauphine New Orleans Hotel
in New Orleans, Louisiana as part of our ongoing
investigation into the question, “Are ghosts real?” Right now we’re sitting in a hotel rich with interesting history, and a cast of characters unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. – Like a ghost sitcom?
– You could say that. – Sign me up, let’s do it! – Located a block away from
the bustling Bourbon Street. The site of the Dauphine Orleans may date back as far as 1775 with parts of the hotel that exist today that were built in the early 1800s. Many of the buildings that today comprise the Dauphine Orleans Hotel
used to be private residences, as well as a bordello. In fact, before 1898,
brothels and gambling houses were said to spread
across most of the city. A man by the name of Sidney Story created legislation that confined
the city’s sinful hobbies to a 16 block region making
prostitution and gambling legal within the confines of that area. Ironically, this 16 block
precinct would be named after Sidney Story and
was dubbed Storyville, a fact I’m sure he was
far from pleased with. – I don’t even wanna
talk about that evening. (energetic techno music) I stole them off the woman
who died in the Titanic! – Catch her then! (energetic techno music)
(yelling) – We can never go back there. – [Ryan] Yeah, we can never go back. It’s said the Storyville
was riddled with crime, sometimes at the hands of
the prostitutes themselves. The hotel as a whole seems to be active, visitors and employees claim that doors lock themselves shut,
footsteps can be heard, shadows follow you. – That’s sort of how they work. – [Ryan] During the Civil War, soldiers were said to stay on the premises often while recovering. There are multiple accounts of spirits of Civil War soldiers seen in
different places in the hotel. However, the most
haunted area of the hotel is undoubtedly the hotel
bar, May Baily’s Place, which was actually a well-known bordello at the edge of the
aforementioned Storyville. Just think of all the activity that went down here back in the day. This place was booming with music. – [Shane] Booming with
some other stuff too. – It was also booming
with lots of other stuff. The madam of the bordello was May Baily, and the original city
license was issued in 1857, and still remains on display today. You have lovely penmanship May. And there is of course, the mayor. – [Shane] Is his name Chad?
(laughing) – No, I don’t think, oh shit,
it may be Chad actually. – [Shane] Were there Chads back then? – I dont know. Confederate soldiers are often
seen near May Baily’s Place, perhaps due to the fact
that it was a brothel they frequented in the past. Most of the ghosts in
the bar are said to be May’s employees or ladies of the night. – Gentlemen have claimed
that feel somebody trying to touch their
leg underneath the bar. – I was expecting something else, considering the history. – Just leg, just leg.
(laughing) – Ryan is afraid of you. (laughing) I think you should show him
that you demand to be respected. – I do respect them.
– Shh. (leery instrumental music) (gasping)
(laughing) I never knew this was that easy. – Fuckin’ dick. – The previous bartender
told me about the activity around the bathroom area. They said that people
would get locked in or out of the bathrooms, which sounds weird. – Is it like something’s
holding the door shut? – I’m not sure, I dont
know how to explain it. – Okay, I’m gonna take this, I’m gonna put it right here. Okay. If there’s anybody in here… Now is the time to let us know. (shuffling)
(screaming) – What Ryan? Jesus Christ. (laughing) You set the thing on
the sink and it moved. – Oh, was that what that was? – [Shane] Yeah. – [Ryan] Awe fuck! – [Shane] That’s all that’s happening. (laughing) – Just put that there.
(laughing) Holy shit. – [Shane] You gotta suckin’ calm down man. – [Ryan] Shut up Shane.
(laughing) Another active area of May Baily’s is a little library section
where a ghost is said to knock books off shelves. – Alright, we’re gonna leave now. Please don’t follow me. – Follow him.
– Great, okay. – If you can’t catch him here, just follow him home all
the way to California. – Stop telling the
ghosts to follow me home. – [Shane] He’s gotta, did
you hear footsteps up above? – Yeah, but there’s no one up above. – The bordello’s up there. Did you hear, I– – [Ryan] I fuckin’ heard a footstep. Well, let’s just go up there, and we’ll find out I guess. Arguably the most horrifying part of the hotel is the bordello suite, which is upstairs in May Baily’s, a place where the girls would take patrons to perform services. And the door is open. – [Shane] Was it open before? – [Ryan] Nope, ah fuck. Oh boy. I do not like this room at all. Many report feelings of unrest in here, and an employee that
has worked at the hotel for over 30 years refuses
to go in there to this day. It’s just another bathroom. Whoa, I got–
– Does it stink? – No, I just got lightheaded. – [Shane] Oh. – [Ryan] I’m getting out. – [Shane] Wait, stay in there. – [Ryan] Wait, what? – [Shane] Stay in there. – [Ryan] Wait, wait a
second, what are you doing? – [Shane] Hang on, hang on, hang on. – [Ryan] Oh no, no, no, no, no. – [Shane] Turn out your light. – Oh my God. Um… Is there anybody in here with me? (eerie instrumental music) – And now Ryan is out there, and he’s probably freaking out. – Alright, Shane’s doing
his lock up in the room. Oh boy, oh God, my
fuckin’ light just died. God damn it. Turn back on please, please,
please, please, please. Shane is your lock in done? – No, I’ve just got another two minutes. (yelling) – [Ryan] Fuck, fuck, fuck, come back out! Ah, come back out! – [Shane] (laughs) I’ve
got two more minutes. – [Ryan] No, no! – This is one of the best days of my life. – We’re good, we’re good, okay! Dude, I thought I saw
something fly in front of me. – [Shane] Huh? – It doesn’t matter. Why I freaked out is because I thought something flew in front of me, but it may have just been the reflection of my light turning off. – [Shane] If you don’t want us to be here, send us a sign. – [Ryan] Why do you gotta
phrase it like that? – [Shane] That’s just how I’m phrasing it. – [Ryan] I’m sorry I’m in here. – [Shane] Oh. – [Ryan] Did your fucking
light just turn out! Oh my God, I just got
the fuckin’ chills, God! (laughing) Oh no, no. – [Shane] This isn’t even a MagLite. (tapping) – [Ryan] Oh God, I feel
like I’m gonna cry. (laughing) Was that you telling us to leave? – [Shane] Hey, there it goes. It’s fine, it’s like full power. Ghost, I’m beginning to
suspect that you’re not real. Call it a hunch, but I’ve
sat in a lot of dark rooms with this guy talking to the air. – [Ryan] Right after Shane speaks, our audio recorder picks
up a voice possibly saying, “I’m right there.” – But I’ve sat in a lot of
dark rooms with this guy talking to the air. This guy talking to the air. – [Ryan] Could this be one of the patrons of this former bordello? – Take it if you want, you can have it. – I think it’s saying, “I’m right there.” You think it’s me breathing. – Yeah. – Another famous ghost at the hotel is said to be the younger
sister of May Baily, Millie. The story goes that
Millie’s fiance was shot in a gambling dispute on the
morning of their wedding. – [Ryan] It’s said that
Millie’s grief consumed her as she continued to wear the wedding dress after the incident. Millie is reportedly seen in her dress by hotel guests till this day, earning her the name The Lost Bride of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel. Now, it’s time to move to the final phase of the investigation, spending the night in the hotel. As I mentioned before, some of the sites original
structures still stand today, and the carriage rooms are the oldest part of the existing building,
but more importantly, according to the hotel the carriage rooms used to be an extended
rear wing of May Baily’s, and chillingly was the part where May and her sister, Millie, actually lived. – May and Millie, we’re
gonna turn off the light now, really it’s your time to run a muck. – [Ryan] Oh shit. (grunting)
Fuck. – Did you just take a shit?
– No, I didn’t take a shit. I’ve just realized what I’ve
gotten myself into again. I hate this, okay. – You know, a ghost has probably whispered point blank in your ear, but you’ve probably never heard it because you were busy going, “(gurgling)
Okay, oh, what did I do? “Alright, what did I do, what did you do?” You always get yourself into these, “Ooo.” – Oh, come out, rip my
skull out of my head. Oh, pull my bones out and melt them, and put ’em on my face. – [Shane] Are we doing more of this, or can I use the jacuzzi hot tub that we’ve been blessed with? – Are you serious? – Are we gonna spend the
night here and not use that? (eerie instrumental music) – The jets don’t work. (laughing) We’re just two guys sitting in a tub. (laughing) So, how do you feel about sleeping here? – I’m delighted because
this is the first place we’ve ever slept that has
just a modicum of luxury. – This is luxury?
– Yeah. Did you see the size of that bed? – Yeah, I saw the size of the bed– – We slept on a dirt
floor on the Queen Mary. – It doesn’t matter.
– It was covered in rat hair. (laughing)
– It’s true. – This is incredible.
– This is fine. I’m still gonna have a hard
time sleeping in that room. It’s so dark in there, did you see that? Alright, well, should we do this? – Yeah. (leery piano music) (footsteps creaking)
– Holy shit. – [Shane] It was footsteps. – [Ryan] That’s the
balcony outside, right? – [Shane] Yeah, sure. – [Ryan] I’m gonna go out there. I wanna see if someone’s
actually out there. (leery piano music) (eerie instrumental music) Oh fuck. There’s nobody out here. Maybe there’s somebody in those rooms. But I don’t see any movement. While listening for footsteps, we pick up a strange voice
speaking something unknown. Maybe this is a lost cause. Is this the voice of May or Millie? Or perhaps one of the Civil War soldiers who frequented the bordello? – It sounds like someone swallowing. – It sounds not even close to my voice. It’s a different octave, it sounds like a machine almost. It’s very electronic. There’s so many different
things and properties about that voice that
would prove it’s not me. It almost sounds like there’s a TV on. – You make it sound like you’re listening to a recording of Pavarotti.
(laughing) It’s a tiny little click noise. – Look, listen to it again. It’s a voice, and it’s electronic. I dont know what it’s saying. – Is it Daft Punk?
– Yeah, it’s Daft Punk. The DJs Daft Punk came
into our suite at night, and gave me a little diddy, that’s what happened. – [Shane] Holy shit. (footsteps) – [Ryan] This is insane. It’s fucking 5:15 in the morning. (eerie instrumental music) (creaking)
(footsteps) – Oh my God, I got fuckin’ chills. Is this not alarming to you Shane? What the fuck? – [Shane] No. (snoring) – [Ryan] Jesus. Between Shane snoring
and this God damn ghost, I’m gonna kill somebody. Nice morning sky. Let’s leave. What if we find out that there’s actually nobody even staying above us? – I dont know Ryan, this place is strange. – After, Shane returned to our
normal hotel down the street, but I was still bewildered
by the footsteps, so I stayed back to
investigate the only two rooms above our hotel room. Only one of which was occupied. (knocking) – [Ryan] Hi, I just had a quick question. I’m staying downstairs under you. Just out of curiosity, did you
happen to be walking around? – [Ryan] Oh, okay, I’m just
like, I’m a little spooked, I thought it was– – Well, there you have
it, he wasn’t walking, and not only was he not walking, he’s been spooked too
because he’s wondering where the creaking and
walking is coming from. Well, well, well, well. – [Shane] Was he not pacing? – Not only was he not pacing, but he said, “Yeah, we’ve been staying
here the past couple days. “I’ve been pretty freakin’ spooked.” – I bet he was just embarrassed. – No.
– Yeah. He was probably pacing around. It’s a ghost Ryan you’re right. It was a ghost marching
around for seven hours. – [Ryan] Yes, because
that’s what ghosts do. That’s it, that’s all you
have to say for yourself? – I think that man was
just walking around Ryan. – Okay, I’m gonna take the camera away from your stupid face. It’s worth mentioning that
after this investigation, I spoke to a New Orleans ghost tour guide about hauntings at the Dauphine, and she mentioned an
angry confederate soldier who walks around all night
long and even stomps. Was this possibly the
source of the footsteps that I heard in our room that night? Given the rich history of this hotel, it’s no wonder that many
feel the numerous presences that once frequented these halls. And after spending a
sleepless night there, I won’t argue that something is off at the Dauphine Orleans Hotel, but whether or not it definitively haunted will remain unsolved. (eerie instrumental music) – It’s not haunted. – How do you know that?
– I know it’s not haunted. – You don’t know that for sure. – It’s not haunted. – You say that everywhere we go. – And guess what– – You’re like a stupid string puppet that I could just bring along with me, and I just pull it when
I wanna hear some dumb– – Pull my string right now. – It’s not haunted. Ryan’s an idiot. – Okay, that’s enough of that. – We gotta merchandise those things now. (leery instrumental music)