– Gatsby, what Gatsby? I can’t even take my own joke seriously. My name is Katie Carson and I am one of the soap
makers here on this channel. Welcome back to Book Month. That is the month of August 2019. Everything we make in this
month will be available to purchase on September 7th of 2019 at 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Today, as you can tell by my headdress that totally matches my shirt, we are gonna be making
“Great Gatsby” soap. I read “The Great Gatsby”
when I was in high school, and then I watched the movie whenever it came out a little later on. I love both. I know that there are gonna
be some people are like, “No, the movie was
horrible,” but I liked it. And so, without further
ado, let’s make some soap. So before we jump into soap making, I wanna show you guys the idea, the concept art that I’ve drawn up. So we have some very sharp lines in here. This is supposed to be
sort of representative of the Art Deco style of the 1920s. It’s kinda showcased a little
bit in the Baz Luhrmann “Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio. He kinda uses that a
lot in the backgrounds, specifically for the movie
posters, and also the DVD cover. And then pulling in all of
those really rich blues, I kind of thought of the
traditional “Great Gatsby” cover. Everyone who had to read
“Great Gatsby” in high school basically has seen this classic
version of the novel cover. So put that all together and that’s kind of what I
envisioned for the inside. And then on top, these
stars, specifically, were from the movies. And one of the things that
they did at his parties was throw streamers of gold and silver, and there were stars hanging everywhere. That’s also pretty
classic for 1920s styles. Lots of the photo shoots
done with flappers had big like, moons hanging. They had starts that hung, and like, then the flapper
lady would sit in the moon. It’s very, very pretty. And the celestial idea was
pretty common during that era. So we’re just kinda
tying in the stars there. We’re gonna have tons of
glitter, tons of sparkle. And yet the inside, again,
is gonna be sort of modern, very Art Deco, so that’s kind of the idea. I don’t always show my idea for this, but because I’m trying to do sort of historical representation, I thought I would show you
guys why I did what I did, why I was thinking what I was thinking. So the first thing I’m gonna do is pour my lye water
solution into my oils. I’m just pouring it down the side. And I know, I really
thought about this design. I know, some people might think, “Girl, you’ve gone overkill, it’s a soap.” But it is also my craft. It is art! And therefore I overthink it. (laughs) I’m sure it has nothing
to do with the fact that I overthink everything in my life. Okay, so I am going to mix this up with my pink stick blender. Everyone needs one of these. They’re 25 bucks, y’all. I have really, really enjoyed it. They’re cheaper than
the ones from Cuisinart. It’s great. (jazzy music) So now I’m gonna pour this
off into three equal portions. This is gonna be how I
make an even diagonal line. Two of them I’m actually gonna
end up pouring back together, but I have to get that third
one the exact perfect amount. So in this middle container I have Black Oxide mixed with oil. And in these two containers I have Ultramarine Blue mixed
with Midnight Blue Mica, so it’s gonna be a very
strong, very vibrant blue. But, because I have to
make nice straight lines, I’m not gonna mix them all up at one time. That’ll cause them to get thick. They might be kinda chunky,
we don’t want that to happen, so I’m gonna mix up one at a
time, starting with this one. So I have added the fragrance
oil into this container before I’ve mixed up the color. What fragrance oil could we use for a “Great Gatsby”
soap besides Champagne? So I’m using Champagne from Bramble Berry. It smells so delightful. It’s bubbly, it’s fresh,
it’s a little bit sweet, got sort of a lemon-lime soda feel to it, but again, very, very effervescent. So let’s blend this in and watch the magical
color transformation. (jazzy music) Okay, so I’ve blended everything in. It is so blue, it’s just gorgeous! So I am gonna pour it into
our two Bramble Berry molds, after this quick commercial break. Okay, so I am going to pour
this blue down the side, just like so. We’re gonna let it crawl its
way up the side of the mold. I’m going to try to make
it an even, even line all the way down. Come over here, do the
same thing over here. Just pour right down the middle and let it float its way to the edges. This will very probably get super close to touching the other side of the mold. That is the point. Okay, I just got these even. I tapped them down a little bit, made sure that blue was
nice and flat on the top. And now taking the Aztec Gold mica, I’m gonna spoon some of it out
into my little tea strainer, and we’re gonna use this to cover the entire top of the blue. That’s what’s gonna create
that really nice gold line. This is gonna be one of
the harder mica lines that I’ve done, because
it’s on an incline, so I’m gonna have to wait
for the soap to set up before I can clean anything. I will say, though, it’s also
a very satisfying thing to do, to see that bright blue
get covered up by gold. And quite frankly, I’m
not going to be able to get my tea strainer
all the way in there, so once again I’m gonna have
to wait for that to set up before I can tap, tap, tap it
down that portion of the blue. Okay, so for the next layer,
it’s going to be black. And everything is still nice and runny. I don’t know how, it’s a miracle. (laughs) Mostly it has to do with the
temperature, quite honestly. It is a nice temperature in the studio for making soap right now. And every single recipe acts
a little bit differently, so what works for me may not work for you. That’s just one of the
artisan parts of this craft. So now that I’ve mixed it in by hand, I’m gonna stick blend this, and you guys will be able to see just how much darker it
gets with stick blending. (jazzy music) I’m just mixing in the
fragrance oil by hand now. Whenever we get to this stage in the game, mixing by hand is typically a good idea, because it keeps things
very runny for a while. I am barely able to talk for this one. It is taking a lot of my concentration. Okay, woo, now that the
black is done, (laughs) I can actually talk again. We’re gonna cover that with gold. I love the two golds
here are going to touch and create one seamless
gold line. (laughs) I’ve had a couple people tell me, “Katie, my mica lines aren’t
showing up in my soap.” I’ve been there, my
friend, I’ve been there. Typically it’s because
you’re not using enough mica. This takes a lot of mica for it to show up in the finished product. I probably have to refill this thing twice per loaf, per mica line,
to get it like as thick and as pretty as I want it. For this final layer, I will
simply break the fall once just to make sure that I don’t puncture that little pretty bit. Ugh, this is my favorite part. Cover it all up, yes. Oh.
– Betrayal. – [Katie] That is exactly
what I thought in my head. Now I’ll just pour it all in. So now I’m just cleaning
up the edges of the mold because I honestly can’t look at it in its current condition. And then I am going to
mix up the soap frosting to go on top, and we will get to pipin’. (jazzy music) So I have got some blue
gloves, and blue piping and a blue soap top,
and everything is blue. – [Kenny] Da ba dee da ba daa. – [Katie] Uh, I love blue piping. This is a little bit runny still. I have a lot of embeds and lots of things that I need to stick to the soaps, so I’m piping a little bit early. When you pick to add piping to your soap is really just a personal preference. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. You’ll get different shapes
depending on your consistency. You know, it’s funny, “The
Great Gatsby” found me in a really weird place in life, because I was, I think a
sophomore in high school. I had a very weird sense of style. I liked the vintage thing
before that was a thing. That’s right, I said it. I was on the cutting edge
of that vintage trend. Kenny can attest to it! – [Kenny] She was there
from the beginning. – [Katie] Yeah, I was
doing the vintage thing before it was cool. It was just weird. People thought I was weird. It was when skinny jeans were a thing, and that’s what everyone
wore with their cute clothes, and I was like, a pencil skirt! (laughs) Please, a pencil skirt. Red lipstick, winged
liner, please, I beg you. So that’s when I found “The Great Gatsby,” and then I had a little
flapper girl 1920s phase, and I cut my hair, and I
wore dresses that were long, and pearls that I twisted in
a knot as an everyday outfit. (laughs) Needless to say, I was not a normal high school kid. I was just kind of weird, and I think that’s another
reason why YouTube made sense. The more I’m on YouTube,
the more I realize that people that start YouTube channels typically do not have like, the most normal high school,
childhood experience. There’s always something that
sets them apart a little bit. Basically, YouTube is the virtual island of misfit toys. (laughs) We’re all ruled by PewDiePie,
King Moonraiser. (laughs) – [Kenny] I think King
Moonraiser is a little more– – Regal?
– Benevolent. – [Katie] Yeah. (laughs) Anyway, basically, I’m a big
fan of “The Great Gatsby.” I think it is a wonderful
depiction of the era. I think it’s a wonderful depiction of just human kind of greed, (laughs) and what it gets you, and what is that word
I’m looking for, Kenneth? Hedonistic? – You’re being a hedonism.
– Hedonism. Yes, it’s a perfect depiction of hedonism. So now let’s put in our stars. We have two kinds, we have
silver and we have gold, and each soap is going
to have one of each. Just gonna stick these right in. These stars are beautiful. I will leave you guys a
link to the Amazon mold that we used down below. Another thing that
inspired me for this soap was a blog post I read a long time ago from a girl who is my age. I started following her when I was 15, when blogging was still like the main way of doing social media, kinda. I mean, there was Facebook and whatever, but for artsy types that was the way to go, and she had a blog post about her prom that was “Gatsby” 1920s inspired. She made her own prom dress. She is a fashion designer now. And her blog was just,
ugh, it spoke to my soul, and her “Gatsby” photo shoot
that she did was just gorgeous. Her dress was also blue, by the way, and I just still, even to
this day, that was years ago, I just love that photo shoot. I love all the photo shoots, really, that she did on the blog, and clothes that she sewed
for her own photo shoots. It was so impressive. So the next thing I’m putting on are these beautiful metallic
sprinkles from Fancy Sprinkles. They are vegan. Just so you know, a lot of
sprinkles actually aren’t vegan, so you wanna make sure that the company that you’re purchasing from,
if that’s important to you, are actually disclosing
the fact that they are, and this has these really pretty like, gold and silver pieces. It has white stars and it
has teeny tiny gold stars in it as well, so it’s
really the perfect addition. I’ll leave you guys a
link to these down below. So I’m just going to start
putting this on the top. Oh yes, I am so glad there is white in this sprinkle mix. That really kinda pulls it together. And any little place that
I’m not getting sprinkles, that’s okay because I’m
actually going to end up putting some biodegradable glitter
on top of all this anyway. But there’s some teeny
tiny gold and silver stars. You guys probably aren’t
able to discern them from that far away. Whenever we do the close
up, you will be able to. Kenny, do you know what these long skinny sprinkles are called? – [Kenny] No. – They’re called jimmies.
– What? – (laughs) Yeah!
– How do you know that? – [Katie] Because, it was on the website, and they’re like gold jimmies
or silver jimmies? (laughs) – [Kenny] Jimmies? – [Katie] Yeah, like a boy’s name, Jimmy. – [Kenny] Did you ever look
up why it was named that? – [Katie] Uh, no! (laughs) While Kenny’s looking
that up I’m going to push a little bit of holographic
glitter on the top. Not a lot a whole bunch. This isn’t a huge holo soap, but we do want just a little
bit to pull in that silver. – [Kenny] So it looks like
jimmies is just a term that was popularized in
Philadelphia and Boston regions. – [Katie] Oh. – [Kenny] With an unknown origin, but it was first documented in 1930s as a topping for a cake. – [Katie] That’s so crazy. That’s such a simple explanation. (laughs) – [Kenny] And it’s such
a specific reference. Good on you, Bulk Sprinkles
or whatever your name is. (Katie laughing) – [Katie] Okay, guys, this
glitter mix from Fizz Fairy is called Gold Digger and
it is absolutely stunning. It’s an eco-friendly glitter. I highly recommend this
gal’s glitter mixes. They are just so perfectly curated. She has just the right amount
of mix of small and large. Look at this. So we’ve got chunky gold, chunky silver, and then teeny tiny
black, and it’s so nice! I just love it, it’s gonna be
perfect on top of this soap. It’s literally pulling
in all of the colors. And black glitter always adds
a certain depth to your soap. Not sure why, I think it just
helps play with the shadows in the crevices of the piping. I said not sure why and then I gave like, a perfectly valid explanation. (laughs) Maybe I am sure why. But I’m not skimpin’, I can tell you that. This is getting a
generous, generous helping. I want this to look
like there was a finale, there were fireworks, the
dance floor was poppin’, then all the glitter fell, and everyone danced and danced
and cheered and clapped, and it was magical! I want all that right
on the top of my soap. Gonna put a little more on top right here. And bam, we’re done. Picture this now, you’ve got Jay-Z and “No
Church in the Wild” playing. You’ve got balloons falling, you got glitter come out of the ceilings being smashed into the tile on the floor, and Tobey Maguire saying
in his weird little voice, “The parties were wilder.” (laughs) If you haven’t seen the
commercial for “The Great Gatsby,” I’m gonna link it so that you can, and then think about this soap, because I think, I think it’s got it. I think it’s got the vibe. So we’re gonna wait for 18 to 24 hours. I’m gonna let ’em set up,
I’m gonna let ’em get hard, and then we’re gonna chop into them, and we’re gonna see how
pretty the mica work is. After this quick commercial break. So we’re back. Took out “The Great Gatsby” soap. Honestly, I am a little bit scared. It looks good on the outside,
I just, I don’t know! I always get anxious
before a big cut like this. I’m gonna line it up, and I am gonna cut this one really slow, because I want those
little jimmies to break. I don’t want them to go
through into the soap. I want me to push, and them
to either move out of the way or just break in half. There’s gonna be a lot of sprinkles on the table for this one. Ooh! All right, let’s take
one out of the middle. My gosh. I am living for it! (gasps) It’s so good. Look at that top, what a party! Also, I’ll probably clean
this up a little bit, ’cause you do see that
the mica has smeared, and that will make the
line super, super sharp. I think the point was definitely proven. All that time, all that
time spent with that mica. Worth it! All right, let’s cut open another one to see what the alternate
angle looks like. Gonna line, gonna line this up in here. It’s actually coming through
with the cut really smoothly. The sprinkles are moving out my way. – [Kenny] Bonus cut, bonus. – [Katie] So we’re pretty
gosh darn consistent between those layers. Looks like this little
triangle’s a teeny bit smaller than that little triangle. Also, I wiped this one off so you can see that gold mica line is
coming through really strong. Ugh, I’m obsessed, I love it, I love it. It’s so geometric. I wanna do more geometric soaps. Okay, so as Kenneth said, on
the theme of opulence, (laughs) the question of the day is, would you rather win a lot of
money or earn a lot of money? I will leave you guys the poll in the upper right-hand
corner of the screen, but I’d love to see a discussion down in the comments section for why you picked what you pick. Me, personally, I would
much rather earn it. I have a hard time accepting
things from people anyway, and I like to work. Like I genuinely enjoy it,
and it’s also very motivating to have like, you know, a payout. The harder you work, the more
money you make and whatever, that sort of a thing. So I would definitely rather earn it. What about you, Kenneth? Would you rather earn it or win it? – [Kenny] I would rather earn it, however I would totally
understand somebody saying, “I’ll just take a little win, “thank you very much.”
– Oh, me too, me too. I can definitely, definitely
relate to that as well, and I’m sure there will
be plenty of people who are just like, “Let’s
just take a small present “of five million dollars.” I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If you did, please give
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