I think we had the typical diet like the 80s
kids growing up. A lot of macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. Lunches a lot of times had like
some sort of hostess cake — king dons. IN high school I started caring a little bit
because Elliott used to call me “husky” so it was a nice way of calling me fat. In college,
when I actually cared a little bit and put some effort into it then I started to learn
more about nutrition and what made up a calories. Why was 220 calories of a snicker bar different
than 200 calories of a GFB. You start to realize you should eat healthy but I also think there’s
that big movement in terms of people caring a lot more about what they eat and looking
at the ingredients. When we set out to create this product…it was…we really wanted people…because
selfishly this is what we were looking for…is that we wanted to loo forward to healthy snacking
and we wanted to be excited about eating a GFB. With the kinds of foods that were already
out there and all the packaged foods and really how unhealthy people eat in this country.
So it’s really a culmination of all those things together and knowing that when I do
eat healthy I feel really good. You know: does it meet all the basic benchmarks of non-gmo,
organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, what lines is it produced on, who’s making
it. We now have 6 flavors of bars and we also make bites – 6 flavors of those and hopefully
some interesting products coming down the pipe. So you know, we’ll continue to keep
making things happen here in Grand Rapids and continuing to grow sustainably and doing
things what we think is the right way of doing them. You feel better – the less processed
the ingredients are, the less processed the product is – I eat the way I do because I
feel better and so our hope is that if you’re eating GFB it’s because you like the taste
so you like how it makes you feel.