Hi! Dubai is one of the major cities in the World. It`s the biggest city of UAE and it only took
it about 20 years to transform from a small village into a huge metropolis. And it really boggles your imagination. Here they build the biggest building in the
world. The most expensive and luxurious hotel was
also build in Dubai. Same goes for shopping malls of course. They even have a big-ass artificial island
in a form of a palm. Dubai symbolizes progress and luxury. Of all Muslim countries, UAE is considered
to be most comfortable for living. Okay, letsdiverightintoit. 1. Everybody knows that UAE is a place where
wealthy people live. It is a country of millionaires. Localscan`tgetpoor, it`sjustafact. Only if they decide to stopreceiving money
from the government. There are only about 12% of natives and they
make 10000 dollars minimum. And they get payed even more as they progress. By the time their retirement plan kick in,
they get about 100 000 dollars every month. When a child is born, a family receives 60
000 dollars and a piece of land. When a child grows up, the government pays
for their education and give them 2000 dollars every month. Those are just a few examples of how UAE treats
their people. 2. You know how incredibly hot Dubai is. From early may to late September, the usual
temperature revolves around 45 degrees. Same goes for other nearby cities. There aren`t many tourists during that time
of year and locals often leave the country on summer holidays. Wherever you go in Dubai, you will most likely
find air conditioning maintaining your comfort. Taxis, the tube, even bus stops are equipped
with air conditioners. Obviously, electricity bills in Dubai are
enormous. And you only feel discomfort outside, otherwise
the city`s infrastructure is very well developed. Each house has an underground car park from
where people can get wherever they want. Generally, the weather is good in Dubai, it`s
quite comfortable. It gets even somewhat chilly throughout winter. So if you want to come to Dubai during that
time of year, you should probably bring your jeans and jacket. 3.It is believed that Dubai is a city of strict
rules. It`s considered to be one of the safest cities
in the whole world because local laws are very firm and unforgiving. A slightest violation of the law may result
in brutal repercussions. Tourists often get deported and they have
death penalty laws so the whole thing is not a joke. What`s interesting though is that they allow
prostitution. It is obviously concealed and regulated but
it`s there and everyone seems to be okay with that. Usually, you can find a prosy in a night club,
like in most countries. They look quite glamourous and sometimes it`s
difficult to make out weather a girl is on the job or not. Also they have Thai massage saloons, which
are also quite popular among men. 4. By the way, you can`t just express your emotions
on the street. For example, it`s forbidden to hold hands
and kiss. Such actions can lead to serious consequences. Jail sentence and deportation can be involved. Women have much less rights than men. There were a few cases when some tourist girls
claimed they were raped and they were thrown in jail without second thought. 5. Perhaps you heard somewhere that you re not
allowed to drink in Dubai. Well, this isn`t entirely true. It`s only true about the Emirate of Sharjah. In Dubai, you can drink alcohol in restaurants
and night clubsin hotels – no problem there. But only in hotels. And you can`t buy alcohol in supermarkets,
cafes and restaurants that are outside of hotels. Only hotels have those kinds of licenses,
which is why all major night clubs and restaurants belong to hotels. So that`s quite useful^ when you want to go
to a certain place, you just gotta remember the name of the hotel. Also, when it comes to alcohol, situation
for locals is quite different. If you re a local and you want to buy alcohol
in Dubai, you must have a special type of card. You can`t just consume and keep alcohol at
home if you don`t have that certain type of permission. 6. Cars is a whole separate story! There are so many cool, fast and expensive
cars in Dubai, you probably won`t see that many anywhere else. It`s fascinating to see those supercars hit
the streets at a super rapid speed. But it`s quite dangerous at the same time
because drivers in Dubai are not very polite and because many of them drive fast cars there
is a big danger of getting into an accident. Obviously, fines are quite enormous in Emirates. Wanna ride fast like lightning? Make sure you have a few thousand dollars
to pay for your mischiefs. And you can`t simply avoid punishment because
you are being watched by cctv cameras at all times. 7.Many people mistakenly assume that rich
guys in Dubai leave their supercars on the streets, utilize or just leave them out in
the desert almost every year despite the enormous cost. Many people think they just buy new cars without
ever thinking about the previous one. You`ll find countless pictures on the net
of dusty Ferraris, BMWs, Porsche and so on. Many cars can be found by the airport too. Some say that it`s just foreigners, leave
their cars like that and then leave the country in a hurry just to avoid paying fines because
they don`t want to go to jail. And that’s why there are so many abandoned
cars out there. But you guys shouldn`t believe that, those
cars look dusty because of the dust storms. So those are not abandoned vehicles, they’re
just dusty. Check out some of those dust storms you guys! 8. As we all know, Dubai is oozing with rich
people, fancy parties and fast cars. But there are actually many poor people out
there as well. And nobody seems to care about those people. A lot of people come to Dubai in search of
better life but laws here are merciless. And if you don`t pay your bills, they ll come
after you and put you in jail. It`s straightforward as that. Same rules apply to transnational corporations. If a company experiences some sort of trouble,
their employees get in trouble automatically. They can lose their property and end up in
jail. 9.Dubai people are so wealthy, theydon`teven
knoww here to spend their money. Some buy golden cars, others literally swim
in money. Don`t get me wrong, I don`t really mind what
they do as long as it don`t hurt anybody but there is one very bad thing I don`t understand
and appreciate. It`sthemodernobsessionwithwildanimals. Many sheikhs somehow feel like they’re obliged
to have some kind of wild animal, some fierce beast at their disposal. They re not very happy with cats and dogs
anymore and they don`t really care if animals are suffering. All they seem to care about is their prestige
and image. Although, UAE president Khalifa bin Zayed
Al Nahyan signed a decree, which says that people can`t keep leopards, cheetahs and other
exotic specimen at home. Whoever disobeys the law can be put in jail
for as long as seven years. If a pet kills somebody, the owner might be
thrown in jail for the rest of their life. These days only zoos and clinics can keep
these types of animals. By the way, whoever wants to buy a dog will
have to buy a license, keep the pet under control in public places and of course get
it vaccinated. Without a license they can charge you with
136 000 dollars! 10. Many people assume that Dubai is a kind of
capital of wealthy people. But in reality, Beijing is first in that regard
followed by New York. Of top 5000 billionaires only 20 live in Dubai,
including the ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He took his post in 2006 when Shaikh Maktoum
passed away. Shaikh Mohammed has 4.5 billion dollars and
is the 7th most wealthy royal figures in the world. A lot of things happened after his initiation. They build Burjkhalifa and came up with the
famous palm island. Emirates airlines started operating. These days, those are the main things that
come to mind when people talk about Emirates. Shaikh Mohammed created an image of a wise
politic and he lives his life according to traditions. He was married several times and has quite
a few children. One of his wives Princess Haya bint Hussein
doesn`t wear burqa, she is well-educated and appears in public quite often. She is a very progressive woman. And she actually ran away from her hubby. Together with her two underage children and
39 million dollars Haya left UAE and asked for political asylum in UK and now she is
getting ready for divorce. According to Haya, she left the palace because
she was afraid that her husband would kill her! This happened after Shaikh Mohammed announced
that a few of his wives were unfaithful to him. He didn`t mention any names though. A year before Haya did a runner, another Arabian
princessLatifa tried to do the same thing. For better or for worse, she failed. She disappeared in 2018 and soon after a video
appeared online where the girl told everyone why she left the country and those dreadful
circumstances that were forced upon her. She was soon found and brought back home where
her dad went real hard on her. She most likely got seriously whipped. After that nobody saw her for a long time. Soon a UN meeting was organized where Latifa
said that she was sorry she recorded that video and that she asks her father for forgiveness. 11.Dubai grows very rapidly. Only large Chinese cities grow faster. Obviously, it takes a lot of effort. People work 14 hours a day without stop. And it`s not recommended to stay under the
sun for more than 5 minutes! Imagine a general worker, sweating away under
terrible heat several hours in a row! A lot of accidents happen because of that. Dubai is in the desert, which is why they
know what is lack of fresh water. But because the country is so infinitely wealthy,
water doesn`t seem to be a problem. There is plenty of water in Dubai, they spray
enormously large golf fields with it. They have this wide approach to things in
almost everything they do. 12. UAE has a wise approach to money. They don`t expect to survive by oil alone
so they are very careful about the way their economy is structured. They invest in various prospect projects all
around the world. A lot of money goes into agriculture and trading. Many international companies operate in Emirates. Currently, talking aboutgross domestic product,
oil business takes up about 18%, tourism – about the same. The main source of income for UAE is all kinds
of trade and finance operations. People of UAE are very concerned about the
future and they want to make it stable and bright. And you gotta agree, they`re doing pretty
good. High income, a lot of oil money and wise management
allows UAE flourish in all areas of economy. Right now, UAE is one of the wealthiest countries
in the world. And even though the vast majority of the country
are emigrants, locals control all sources of revenue. It is very hard to imagine that not so long
ago, instead of countless autobahns, luxurious hotels, magnificent parks and unique attractions
there was nothing except sand and a few huts. 13. Although some people say that the city of
Dubai is not at all as marvelous and beautiful as many believe. Some say that Dubai is completely artificial. Starting with trees and ending with fake smiles
on people`s faces. Dubai was built in a way that people who come
there could feel important. Unfortunately, those who live in Dubai know
what it`s really like. All that luxury and beauty is just an image,
it`s like a mirage that is out there to make you spend all your money. If Dubai was a man, it would be a kind of
human with countless plastic surgeries and a heart of steel. Would you guys go see Dubai? That`sallfornow! Remember to press the like button if you like
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