TFG e-learning presents Hotels versus Residential Many investors are familiar with buying residential property but unaware of the huge potential of a hotel based asset the security it can bring and the peace of mind that comes with when managed by a team of experts. So, what do you need to know? You won’t ever have to worry about occupancy because at TFG we’ve got that covered. Within our portfolio of hotels occupancy rates are consistently above 90% giving you the assurance that all year round the property management team will be working on getting the most out of your
investment for you. Buying into the hotel market means that room rates are managed daily to optimize your rental value and minimize volatility. With a 24-7 property management service taking care of everything
you can rest easy knowing that your investment is in safe hands wherever you are in the world
day or night. And not only does your
investment into a luxury hotel property make you a part of Dubai’s thriving
tourism industry in one of the world’s most popular destinations but you’ll also be able to access the property for
up to 14 days a year to use for you and your loved one’s own leisure time. Our much sought-after properties are in
prime locations for both business and leisure travelers such as the ever-popular Dubai Marina and the iconic Downtown Dubai. So, whether you prefer residential or hotel property ownership a diverse portfolio has
room for both. For more on how you can diversify your portfolio contact The First Group and one of our property wealth consultants will discuss these options with you.