this formula for bicycles you are as fast as a normal we are trying to push the limits of what’s humanly possible Chanel for van comm misters over stick aboard inside and a global easy one year this year pollution beyond rice is my yard Antonio try and align on the movie theater fakir is to only fair thoughts on foot center from from Fort Lee insufficient Daphne led by our chick my own book and Vicky Topeka ways from bond flies this is on that side through the mobility that zukunft Alvin D and victim under the fat soy good to invest ian vargo give disposal team akira attacks at Watson free noise in high tech bikes Allah dings Moses Hashanah Otto Venegas I’m does need Elena’s human Power Team at the Schnee Stradivari keyboards Avilla exFAT Medina Moose Creek off janella is the stemple limit of Samantha Autobahn waking world record isn’t easy we managed to break it after three years we went to a special road in Nevada and the u.s. near a town called Battle Mountain you do me evenings and the mornings they close off the road because then the wind speed is very low and then you get this whole week of attempts and this one this final really did the last attempt that we had on the Saturday evening we broke the record via yeah indeed going one on thirty three point seven eight my name is Dennis Burke news I’m a student at the Faculty of aerospace engineering here at tu Delft focused on building this human powered vehicle to break a world speed record at the moment we are in the dream hall at this building is dedicated to all the dream teams that are here and those are teams that doing fascinating stuff we’ve got solar powered vehicles we got human powered vehicles electrical hydrogen all that sort of stuff is then all brought together in this facility to bring in ideas together our team is quite small we only have about 10 people working on the project and so we try to bring sports and engineering together to get the best combo here is the eye and vision Dennis online student team I’m knowing photo two pinatas gigawatts each observer and a let’s inform of item feeding storm record for support often divides oil does have a low eggs out of language on striking whose Cushman is cotton advising can welcome this is the human power team workshop this is where it all happens you may have seen this vehicle over here it’s the first vehicle we ever made this is the Villa x1 yeah exactly rocks one okay can I just sit inside yeah you can just sit inside I’ll just help you in so you go first you go sit down next to the bike it’s okay let me put you right like behind the frame yes very well so I’ll remind you this bicycle was made for somebody of length 1 meter 95 um yeah so you’re way too small and how do I steer just go straight if you want to go fast you have a penetrate understand and this is for for me to see how fast I’m going yet time is it now that’s your power monitor okay on the left side it’s a table you see the mile markers and five to four means between mile marker five and four you have to put out 350 Watts so it’s from okay so it’s from top down yeah and five mile run I’ll increase my power exactly and then you have a oh what’s that stand for a oh just means all out in the long is 1,000 meters give it all ya this is where you break the records yeah that’s exactly right bring it’s not that we’re building a everyday bicycle you can just take to work it’s like a Formula One car but as you see in the Formula one as well you’re developing products you’re developing new techniques or innovations and that might reached market later and there are a few examples of that especially the video tilt project is the best example of putting a Velox on the road aligned in dodge then keep this fast film 120-million behoove spended Eteocles Venegas from 120 kilometer medium auto Civic League that’s provided and all stores from Mia’s wounded 50,000 tons healed swag in tuk Vince Lama had Suzanne medium human power team and Porto treatment vicar their diesel Stinson Medina musk across the latest with this one you can easily go to a job 30 40 50 kilometres from your home and it and speed of 50 up to 60 kilometres per hour you are as fast as a normal car normal fellow burbles have an rear wheel here in this area we have an empty box so 70 80 litres of space it’s good for the environment it’s good for yourself you don’t burn fossil fuel you burn your own fat every liter of you that is not burned into the city is is pure profit for all of us this village it is them who do tube or not light for mass market and fans already and vilify invite and Eurovision from high speed legally no only AVGN sue Maximian licensee by iron component pure light from special angle fetish to material with so big amazing tests invent canal and dev debate on Washington the most important part of it is the aerodynamic fairing it’s a shell around your bicycle that makes the air resistance as low as possible this is the front wheel this is actually the the actual front wheel yeah this is for the V looks for K in this wheel hub it’s almost invisible I would say is a planetary gear system and what does it does is if I rotate the body here once the wheel rotate four times so we basically got us a gearing ratio in here which almost cost nothing to use it’s almost free gearing this is a seat it’s made of carbon fiber the seat is really special form to the driver so we put them in a clay mold such that his body shape it’s exactly one on one in the chair carbon fiber is a really nice material since it can take up any shape you like so it’s really highly curved the whole body but carbon fiber comes in as some sort of like cloth it’s like log and then you put the cloth in the shape and then you put some resin in it and after curing this becomes a really really strong and stiff material no windows at all not even the small one nothing and this is because windows first of all low visibility and second of all and more important is the performance parameter windows can break the flow so this is the screen actually yeah that’s the screen this is all you get to see there’s two cameras in here so one on the top and one below there can you imagine yourself driving your car and clocking the complete windshield and just put a TV screen there it’s really absurd it’s it’s realistic it’s like it’s like playing a video game the enemy ihara and victims are by adopting laws it’s Ling they asked the blossoms test them but in stone record with us human Power Team of the attack stop with kindness villains fear demonstration yet seal is this evil 90 kilometer in they stick minute in select to be analyzed Ranma diamond album ticklish moves for care Locker metallic encounter the drivers feeling good just had some start/stop tests on this piece of asphalt and it just went really good Quick Start no problems so I think he’s confident if you cannot break the record then it’s not him but it’s really good and we only get this one a tempered driver to break this record it can go wrong at starting up and then you’re so nervous because if it’s false that you’re just done you know only record subrogation with an alerts on data in an unlocked life delight strongest fathers the performances rats on the oyster on building on solace team farmstead niche killing in the balance so heightened dynasty record physician our winnings accountant for buy online Yahara advance honest everyone ready doll from the goddamn time I was really nerve-racking fog the moist really sets down on the body and then disturbed aerodynamics so the flow of the vehicle up here apparently was this really messed up and we saw on the dial yeah well just going like like 70 at some point and then slowly got to 80 in every new yeah okay it’s not gonna be a record run no I’m not really happy about what I achieved today but that’s mainly it’s not about the speed but it’s mainly about my own performance I was aiming at a certain power output but I didn’t make it I was not really in a good flow and did you realize that you might not break the record today because of the conditions yeah actually today after first couple of minutes I knew I should be at 90 kilometres an hour to get the record but it was only at 80 and do you feel you’re maybe helping a development in the mass market at some point recommencing is still quite a nerd scene but it’s getting more mainstream people will see that recumbents are faster than normal bikes and if you want to commute to work for example then recumbent is a really good option definitely I mean you’re going faster than the speed limits on some highways right yeah I was standing next to the track I was like wow this is just amazing like for one hour going that speed you might think it’s amazing that we went 80 kilometers an hour but we are trying to push the limits of what’s humanly possible and we didn’t push the limits today so I’m not completely happy the human power team abided nice time for no elevator court tonight 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