– The commitment from the
beginning was two things: great food, great service. Everything is fresh here,
we make our own soup, most of our own salad dressings
and all of our own desserts. My name is Gary Turner and I’m the owner of the Depot Cafe here in
Fredericktown, Missouri. When I was writing the
menu it was the foods that I cook at home, that
I raised my children on. I’m looking for food that
you can’t find anywhere else. Food should have layers of
flavor when you taste it. I can’t say that we’re
a concept restaurant, we’re a foodie place. If you’re a foodie person
you will like our restaurant. Blackened fish tacos, one of our best items, without a doubt. Everyone who tries them comes in they say “these are the best fish
tacos I’ve ever had”. Start off with a large
piece of white fish, put cajun seasoning on both
sides, cook it on the flat top. Throw a flour tortilla on the griddle, top the tortilla with cabbage mixture with lime juice and jalapeno. Fish goes on the tacos and
then we top it with parmesan served with chipotle tartar sauce. You’re going to get some heat on this one. Not burn your mouth hot just
lots of layers of flavor. A blackened pork chop sandwich. We take medallions of pork loin, season with olive oil, cajun seasoning, cooked on the flat top so they’re browned on each side and just done. Kind of shingle them, top
with provolone cheese. We serve it with lettuce, tomato and a coarse ground mustard mayonnaise. It’s a very juicy sandwich. My favorite part is building relationships with our guests. We’re friends with so many people. I’ve never worked in a restaurant where you get a hug from guests before. (guitar music)