(upbeat music) There was a time
when trains tied the towns of Tennessee together. Of course, the days
of passenger train service are just about over. However, a lot of people
are still fascinated with those big powerful engines. That’s why Rob Wilds
was delighted to learn that he could enjoy his two
favorite things in one place: watch trains go
by and enjoy food. (rumbling train sounds) – The old Springfield
passenger depot used to be right out here. Of course it’s all gone. Passenger trains
haven’t stopped here in Springfield for a long time. But still right here,
just up the street from where the
passenger depot was there is a place that
still kinda plays on that train mystique,
delivering not passengers or freight, but some
pretty good food. (lively music) – We call it straight-forward
American food. – [Rob] Doug Voise owns
the Depot Bar and Grill. The place was never
actually a depot, but it does have a long
attachment with food. – [Doug] The building
itself was built in 1922, was built as a grocery
store and a lot of people who have lived here
forever can remember coming in here for all
of their groceries. It was certainly the butchers
spot for people to come. – [Rob] Doug is quite at
home dealing with food. He’s been in the restaurant
business for decades. He’s done it all, really, and still loves the
excitement of the kitchen. – I love to cook and
just have experimented. There have been some basic
ideas that I’ve taken from other places
where we’ve eaten or where I’ve worked and
I’ve made them our own. It’s just been a
combination of both. A lot of years in the business. When we’re at the
house, I’m always the one cooking the meals. People say, “Well, I bet you
look forward to Thanksgiving “and somebody else
cooking for you.” Thanksgiving’s my
most favorite day of the year when I can cook. – [Rob] Many of
the customers here are sort of like family
heading home for Thanksgiving, coming back to enjoy old
favorites and try new creations. – [Doug] Our Texas Tails, they’re our number
one steak seller. They’re basically a cut
from the beef tenderloin and people have just
grown to love those. Our Voodoo Pasta,
which is kind of like a spicy take on a
New Orleans dish has Andouille Sausage
and shrimp and chicken. That’s a huge seller for us. We serve an incredibly
good salmon. People just have told
us they don’t eat salmon anywhere else but here. We do everything from scratch. All of our sauces are homemade. All of our dessert’s homemade. All of our steaks are hand-cut. Sea food is always
fresh, never frozen. We just call it serious
food, casual dining. – [Rob] That idea of good
food and casual dining, that’s created many
loyal customers here, some going back to the
Depot’s early days. – [Doug] We have a lot
of regulars that come in. We know them as well
as they know us. Some of them have
been coming in here, you know, since day one. – [Rob] Like Cathy Arnold,
who’s been eating here since – Probably as long as
it’s been open, then. As long as it’s opened up, yeah. I like the atmosphere,
I love the food, the service is good. – [Rob] Bird Peterson came
down from Clarksville. – We like to come up here, and actually I was
here yesterday, too. The food’s wonderful
and it’s a nice place to have a girl’s lunch. – [Rob] And Cindy
Beller has friends who gladly make the
trip to Springfield from south of Nashville. – One of my best friends,
she lives in Nolensville, and they make special
trips to come and eat here, because of the food
and the atmosphere. – [Rob] Of course,
part of the atmosphere are the trains themselves. – We figure that there’s
anywhere between 60 and 80 trains that go by
in a 24 hour period. – [Rob] Wow, no kidding. That’s a busy line here. – Yeah, really is. – [Rob] Frankly, Doug
is a bit mystified as to why people are
taken with trains. But he’s not gonna
question his good fortune. – I never realized how
many guests come in here that love to sit at
this table right here so they can watch the train and their kids can
watch the train. It seems to be a big
draw for everybody, and certainly has
been good for us. – [Rob] Well, it
could be the trains or the atmosphere or
the food or all three. Whatever the reason,
people like it. – [Doug] We kind of
have a saying that the only reason you’re
not a regular at Depot is because you haven’t
eaten here yet. – [Rob] That could
change for you faster than a speeding
locomotive with a trip to the Depot Bar and
Grill in Springfield. – Thanks, Rob.