When you started running Bars,
how old were you? 111 No, I’m kidding.
I’m 77 now. I thought you were 90. 90? Okay. What does Bars mean? It’s like a bar
that goes through your head, that has all the thoughts that you’ve ever heard or thought,
that are not yours, stored. It’s like a bar
that goes through your head. I like Bars.
– Me too. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. Because it relaxes me
and makes me happy. And by the way, it’s okay to be happy
when other people aren’t. Just pretend you’re crying. How come you discovered
that Bars were relaxing? It just came to me
and I did it and it worked. Do you ever ask for a present or something good
to show up in your life? When you ask for something
good to show up, it does. And you don’t know where it comes from,
it just shows up. Always ask,
you shall receive. Has it been difficult
to invent them? It wasn’t difficult to invent them, but it was difficult
to get people to try it. But once somebody tried it,
they usually liked it a lot. The best thing about Bars
is you don’t have any more fear. It makes it possible for you
to do what you need to do. I feel like flying,
then after a little bit it fades away. Yes, I feel like flying
all the time. So I have to go in an airplane,
because I haven’t figured out how to flap my arms fast enough
to get off the ground. I feel for a little bit
as if I was sleeping in the clouds. You are. After I feel like I don’t have any
bad thoughts, but just good things. Yes, because bad thoughts
usually belong to other people not to you. You’re psychic,
as they call it. So if you pick up a bad thought,
you can ask, “Is this mine?” 99,000% of the time
it’s not yours. And the last thing… I feel like I walk back
in class after a holiday. You are correct.
That is awesome. Access is the greatest holiday. There’s about a million people
that run Bars all the time,
around the whole world. Thanks to one person.
– Thanks to the one person. The one thing
I’d like all you to get is you may be the one person,
that comes out with an idea that changes the world.
Don’t give up. I never give up.
Good boy.