Kind of history in the making we will be the first ever licensed social club in the US and actually even in the world a Lot of people saying go what about all the social clubs in Amsterdam. They just are technically not legal, and they haven’t been shut down. But we will be the first ever licensed We’re gonna basically be a cannabis entertainment and Education Center It will be a place where you can come socially consume cannabis the other cannabis enthusiasts and also learn about the plant It means that they will finally be able to come to a place in Colorado where they can Consume cannabis socially with other people meet other cannabis enthusiasts connect on different likes dislikes Interests they’ll be able to learn about cannabis as a holistic health alternative I personally am a big fan of cannabis for health it solves so many problems so if you have chronic pain And you’re sick of relying on prescription drugs you can come here and learn of a safe alternative way to heal your body from my Perspective and just who I’ve talked to it’s they need a place like this hotels are sick of people smoking in their room People aren’t you’re not allowed to smoke on the street It’s not legal so If you want to go meet other people you need to go have a place where you can do that you can’t just meet people in your room Smoking or vaping or dabbing so it’s just a place where people actually get to connect and the candice community will have an outlet for education for socializing for Everything all of our staff is being trained currently through a program at the trichome Institute Which is this awesome place? Which is all about cannabis knowledge? We tell you about terpenes? How the it affects your body where it affects your body? So everyone who works here will be able to tell you exactly what you’re buying and where it’s going to affect your body They’ll be able to give you their recommendation on the adequate dosage Especially if you haven’t had anything before they always recommend start off with a little then move up As well as that the dispensary next door we’re all trained in the health benefits If you want to know what can I take for nausea? What can I take for insomnia? Can I take for anxiety? They’ll tell you the best strain for that or the best CBD product, and then the rest of the information. You’ll need to know Here you will be able to vape flower wax oil you can dab You can consume any form of edible THC coffee candies whatever your gonna think of the only thing you can’t do is actually smoke Because of the Colorado Clean Air Act but anytime a vapor smoke is fine, so you got your oil rig take a doubt That’s great. You want to vape your pen. That’s fine. You want to consume your edible. That’s great You just can’t have like smoke How it will work is if you want to go next door and buy a product you’ll get a free entrance fee and Then you can also bring your own products into the store and just help to pay a five dollar insurance fee Just to come hang out but so yeah anything THC related you buy next door and also we’re having a lot of events with vendors who sell next door so They’re gonna come to an event bring their product and then actually give our customers a coupon so they can go next door Buy the product get a discount and then come over here and consume it and also Learn how to use it if you’re not sure how to consume edibles or you’ve never done it before you want to learn about Dosing what’s it going to feel like that vendor will be there for you to answer all your questions So any food you buy here none of it is continuing with THC We cannot sell anything psychoactive anything here is just regular food or a CBD product And it has a label and you know exactly what you’re buying you’re not going to accidentally buy goldfish. They get you high And in the back that’s our event social club area, that’s where we’ll host educational events yoga nights Maybe cooking classes paint your own coffee cup Movie nights anything you can think of that would be great to socialize and meet other people We really want to take away that stigma that cannabis is just a gateway drug or it’s just people who smoke It don’t have a good memory and are lazy People who smoke cannabis a very productive members of society and a lot of them do it for health reasons they either have anxiety depression Maybe an autoimmune disease that doesn’t make them hungry So it’s actually really a beneficial health supplement it Also is something you can do recreationally, which doesn’t hurt if you’re feeling down and had a bad day at work You can have a joint and you won’t have a hang-up You