(purposeful uptempo music) – [Jeff] We’re on the
brink of opening the doors to the public. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s exciting. My history dates back to growing up. I went to St. Vincent de Paul grade school just down here in Bonnie Brae, and stayed here for high school at Mullen, and then made my way to
University of Denver. Campus stood for the
University of Denver campus. So, it was supposed to be a local hangout and a local restaurant, bar, sports grill, for DU. Jim was a hockey player for
the University of Denver and I think it essentially
became a DU hockey bar. And then over the years it
kind of transformed into just a DU sports bar, sports hangout. One of the catch phrases
we continue to use is “The Tradition Lives On”. So I think success for us would be to be in the establishment. Running a restaurant where
people frequent the neighborhood. Not only locals but
people from out of town. And it becomes a staple and
an icon like it once was. I cannot thank DU enough
for the opportunity they gave me from an
educational standpoint. They provided an education
where I could get out into the real world and really
put my best foot forward from day one. I think DU to me is just when I think of a word that comes to mind is family. Friends, and it was just a great place for me, great fit. I obviously looked at a
bunch of other universities when I thought about going to college and deciding where I was gonna go. And DU was just a great
fit and I’m very glad and thankful that I made the decision. This has been my stomping
ground for many years and my family’s as well. And to be able to have this opportunity and reopen the Campus
Lounge and make it kind of our own is something that
I’m very excited about. (upbeat music)