hi there this is the best way to find
cheap hotels online now I’ve been working and traveling since 1990 so over
27 years and I’ve been using online booking for about the last 10 years and
this is the system I use if I’m staying somewhere a long time I’ll book online
for three or four days and then I’ll look around the area and even if I’m not
sure if I’m staying somewhere I still only book three or four days and then I
decide if I like the area if I like the hotel and then I’ll extend if I do so
this is how I go about it now with me I can generally go to any country I want
and any place in that country so I’ll maybe have a couple of choices for
example earlier this year I looked at Cambodia and Vietnam and I wasn’t sure
which one to go to and in fact I was also looking then at the Philippines as
well I think it was and Indonesia I did I had about a month to go before meeting
up with somebody and I wasn’t sure where to go so what I’ll do I’ll put it in the
country let’s say Vietnam and the good thing about booking comm you can put in
the whole country in there and let’s for a room I always leave it on 2 adults
even if it’s just even if it’s just me because I like a bigger room and
let’s click go and I come down to the filters I always choose a rating of 8
and above and I’ve found that some of them you can choose 7.5 and things like
that and I’ve just found that those ratings sometimes the 7.5 hotel is just
not good enough it’s just not nice 8 plus and I found they’ve always
been good then I’ll choose 3 4 or 5 stars
and depending where I’m going I’ll choose a swimming pool or not but let’s
just do it with a swimming pool to show you and then i’ll click on lowest price first so what we’re getting really is the
best hotels that have a good rating with a swimming pool and at least
three stars they can be anywhere in this country so what we see first of all
is the cheaper areas in the country so if I look here I’ve got Danang Danang
again that’s Danang this one hoi an hoi an hoi an danang again hue nam can I don’t know
hoi an again hoi an again so it looks like hoi an and then you’ve got
another one here phong nga so let’s say we have the three choices there of
Danang hoi an or phong nga and what I can do then is just look at the places on
maybe Trip Advisor to see whether they look good or some other website maybe
I look at Google Images and look at what the area is like and decide if I want to
go there so say we’ve got a couple of choices there Danang and hoi an and then
I could choose another country Cambodia do exactly the same thing I’ve done this
search already to make it quicker I’ve put in the same thing eight plus three
four or five stars and down here with a swimming pool I sorted them in lowest
price first and I’ve got the same thing if we go back to that other result here
you’ve got stuff from about $12 $14 a night 15/16 around 16 17 dollars a night if
we go to Cambodia then fairly similar 15 16 17 18 dollars a night all pretty good
and we can see the area here’s Siem Reap Siem Reap Siem Reap this is where
angkor wat is some Siem Reap Siem Reap Siem Reap so they’re all the same area seam reap
so that gives us another choice here you’ve got battenbang at $19 and then back to
Siem Reap again all the rest of them so we’ve got three choices there and you
can maybe do a few more countries and I did one here Hong Kong and if we put in
the same filters then three star I’ve got here eight a review of eight and above
three four five stars with a swimming pool
then the cheapest one I’ve done lowest price first is a hundred and fifty eight dollars and then the next one hundred and seventy
eight dollars it’s four star rather than three there weren’t any three stars with
a swimming pool but you can just see that okay if I’m looking for cheap
hotels don’t go to Hong Kong so you do that for all the countries and have a
few results and then start looking at them see where you want to go and let’s
just say I’ve decided on Hoi an I’ve been I’ve actually been to all these
places this year hoi an danang and also siem reap angkor wat I’ve been twice
this year so let’s then just do a search for hoi an and I would recommend
hoi an I think is it’s great that is one place where I stayed there six weeks and
it was nice it’s just got a feel to it like it as
though you’re in it feels like you’re somewhere about 200 years ago so because I’ve
searched on hoi an I’ve got to put those in again let’s put in this 8 and above
rating let’s do the stars 3 4 or 5 stars and let’s look for the swimming pool somewhere
with a swimming pool and let’s put those in order so lowest price first so let’s
see we’ve now narrowed it down to hoi an because we looked and we found that
it was a great place to stay what I’ll do now I just close these other windows so
I’ve only got that on here and what we can do now then he’s just pick some of
these hotels at first glance whether we whether they look good what I do I’ll
hold down the control key and click on a few of them so you’ve got this lucky
leaf Villa this one here this one they sometimes they put these in the
middle and I don’t know why they put it some that I sold out they put them
in the middle and let’s put this one this one this one so I picked about the
first five and what I do then I’ll just go through each one of them I’ll look at
the map you’ve got a map somewhere here I’ll look at the location where it is I
happen to know that where that hoi an sign is on there that’s the center it’s
just near that River the the actual main place is near that River just below that
hoi an sign so I’ll look at the big map and maybe this is a kilometer away
I’ll look at what the swimming pool looks like maybe look at the rooms and
read a few reviews and I’ll do the same with the next one
and same thing just to get an idea maybe also look at the size of the room
sometimes for me I work online so I want to know if there’s a table somewhere to
work it’s good if it’s got a balcony I just go through them all and just decide
which ones I like I’ll put a heart this here heart thing if I click that then I
can say that’s for my next trip or I can create a trip here let’s say hoi an and
just put it in that list and then if I go to the next one I’ll look through and
I say I like it then I’ll do the same thing I’ll click on this heart and put
it in my hoi an list and I’ll go through any that I like and then I can
just in the end see what’s on my list if I go to that list and then I’ve got
these and I can maybe double check again and make my decision so that’s how I do
it myself and I’ve been doing this this way for a long time and I just find
it great that this last hotel I went to was here and it was really nice had this
balcony overlooking you got some trees and like coconut trees behind it was
also overlooking the swimming pool and you had these these
seats next to the swimming pool really nice really friendly and I spent six
weeks there in the end I kept extending I booked three or four days I extended
and then I ended up just extending a lot longer so really good way to find one you
don’t only find a cheap place but you find a really nice place as well so
that’s how I do it and that’s the idea of my blog and also this
YouTube channel I’ve been traveling and working for 27 years as I said and this
channel is all about helping you if you want to do
same thing and have that kind of lifestyle then about how to travel what
jobs you can do online I’ve done a lot of stock photography so I go into that
quite a lot and I’ve also done online making websites and things so I’ll go
into that as well also offline I did teach in English for a while so I’ll
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