hi my name is Sabrina Rogers I’m the
cafeteria manager at Sabal Palm Elementary and I want to tell you a
little bit about my job. I come in at 6:30 in the morning we come in we cut
on all the lights we get everything prepared we put everything out it’s
seven of us all together I have six that’s working with me but it’s seven of
us all together I have an assistant Yolanda Jenkins I love her um she’s a
very great teacher she teaches me a lot um she loves the kids just as much as I
love them. Being over here on the south side we have the kids that are less fortunate
so therefore we try to make them feel as special as we can make know feel coming
in the cafeteria so we put on our smiles we’re making sure they get everything
they want everything they need. This is me this big smile they all and they run
to me they call me “Auntie” and they’re not my nephews and nieces but
I let them call me call me that. Sometimes I think to myself why are they so kids so
crazy about me but I just believe it’s what you put out so I try to put in love
and I try to put in smiles I try to put my best foot forth and everything that I
do so and I try to encourage them…so that’s what I kind of get in return for
them. I go out at lunchtime when they’re coming through the lines I’m looking at
their plates to make sure that they’re getting everything that they need and
you kind of see the ones who kind of struggle with that so those are the one
that I look for and I’ll help them. I have like this same set crew that’s
gonna come in every morning they’re gonna give me a hug
they’re gonna speak to me we’re gonna play we’re gonna joke we’re gonna do all
of that in the line and still get through at the same time. The food is
really good so we do our best to try to make sure you know it’s good
you know for the kids that the kids are eating everything. I take the time out to
learn their names to know about them who their teachers are how was school today
for you and so it does a lot for me to be concerned about them. I’m just making sure
the kids are happy that they’re getting their full meal that they’re getting the
same options. The first kids or the last kids. We just love the kids. (smiling)