Hi everyone, my name is Brett Ari Fischer, also known as The New York City Broker Today Sean Adu-Gyamfi and the beautiful Lauren Nichols are going to be joining me as we check out one of the coolest Thai places in Chelsea and in New York City. As many of you know, I am obsessed with Thai food, so I’m very excited to share this experience with you. C’mon, let’s go take a look. Ohh! It’s The New York City Broker. How are you? Hi, welcome to Pad Thai Noodle Lounge. My name is Kate. Our food is great, the service is even better. I focus a lot on Chelsea and there aren’t too many Thai places, so I’m so excited to check it out! The curry puffs, which are ground chicken served with sweet vinegar sauce were amazing! The dishes in Pad Thai Noodle Lounge are homemade and authentic Thai. My chef makes it from scratch. This dish is the Green Curry dish, also called Gang Kiew-Wan, which is the spiciest curry in Thailand. In addition to the spice, it also has a coconut milk base, so it has that spice, but there’s also a little bit of sweetness to it as well. We also had the Drunken Noodle, which is a spicy noodle dish with basil leaves, garlic and with chili peppers And.. I gotta tell ya, I liked it so much I had to come back and get another dish (fun laughter) We’ve been here for 8 years, and we chose here because it is a very beautiful and nice area. Being from Thailand, we love Thai food and we love to represent Thai food. That’s why we decided to have a Thai restaurant. On top of that, we got a chef, he specializes in Thai food, authentic Thai food. Customers’ top 3 for customer’s order, of course Pad Thai Noodle Lounge. Drunken Noodle. Green Curry. Drunken Noodle is amaaaazing. So good! We love it. We love it! We also got to try a secret menu item, it’s a coconut milk custard dish. And this is a traditional dish from 200-300 years old in Thailand. What’s so dynamic about this is it’s two split layers with two different flavors. The key is when you’re scooping into it to get both layers into it to get the flavor. I’m not usually a big Thai guy, but this place is phenomenal.