Hey guys what’s going on so I’m in a really good mood today, because it’s raining. It’s not just raining it’s like showering Consistently people say I’m weird because I love this kind of weather not what I’m like walking in the rain But like what I’m indoors. I just feel like it’s so cozy to have the ring outside you hear it it Just gives me a sense of comfort. I don’t know especially when I’m sleeping in is raining outside You get the best sleep ever you ever like wake up, and it’s like Thunder stormy outside And you get to stay in bed isn’t that like the best feeling but no matter how comforting the ring is You still gotta eat and today? I know Exactly what I want to have don’t you hate days when you’re like what should I eat should I go here or there? But today I know exactly what I want because earlier this week I was in Chinatown, Manhattan And I had to eat around here now hates eating in Chinatown Manhattan because I think it has the worst Chinese food of all the borough’s well except for the Bronx and Staten Island because there’s really no Chinese people there So I went on y’all and I was looking for a place to eat And I found this place and it have four and a half stars like hundreds of reviews It’s a total hole in the wall They mainly sell stuff over rice like roast pork over rice So I’m like how good can it be I went and got two orders one with cha-cha Which is your typical roast pork and I got also? Order of whore dough which is kind of like a whole roasted pig With crispy skin they cut that thing into squares for you, and let me tell you guys it was so delicious It’s been in my brain swimming in my brain for the last few days And I just been wanting to have it for so long and it’s been like four days for super long roast pork Craving days, but it’s finally here. I got my favorite weather, and I’m about to have this awesome food so Ray’s coming down hard and I’m getting wet but I’m not gonna let a little water stand between me and awesome food. You know the money Okay, there’s the shot right there See that little shop. It’s right across the street. I’m waiting for the light to change I’m almost there in Chinese is called waffle waffle fast food. All right. Let’s go I’m here, and the snow is insane. It’s literally insane. Oh my God look at this This is the chicken right here. I haven’t tried this on piping hot Shasha in that container over there Just get it off. There’s the cha shell there’s some duck, and this gravy is Amazing he puts some of this gravy on top of the rice for you This is just so amazing. This is a smaller by Kerry team this one small longer also, let me show you The cha cha they make you know to the clearing in a store the cha cha is hanging in the window There cha cha is sitting in this awesome. 3d net rig is gonna get on my rice as well. Here’s the master What’s that my friend is overstuffed, ChaCha This is so awesome Wow That’s my duck This guy’s so quick it’s my duncanemma beautiful for that glistening That’s been shaken on the one day don’t get chicken, but you know what I’m gonna try everything He has just because I think they do things amazingly here. This might looks like some that looks like soy sauce chicken Okay one more guys one more this is my roast cake it grows for these babies, so that’s why you get the crispy skin and We’re gonna chop this up And it’s beautiful here, we go here we go fly over who shot He’s pointing that awesome cha-cha gravy are all my dishes were slim they sink into the rice is gonna Make my rice taste amazing otherwise No, it’s not you. Don’t get enough flavoring these chocolates, so I got my bounty right here, and I think this weighs about 10 to 15 pounds This is gonna be a crazy meal all right here. We go now. This is my favorite part We’re gonna start eating this the first thing I’m eating is the duck just because it’s the first thing I pulled out of the bag forget us In this container is actually quite small as maybe half the size of other containers But they jammed packed it with rice of veggies and duck And this thing is boiling hot is really really hot look at that here. There you go Here’s some some smell your way Smell that go for it take a bite take a bite I’m gonna say. This is the best dog I ever had because I’ve have some good duck my dad But this is really really tasty duck It’s fatty it’s smoky Mmm. Rice, we’re like a duck. I love to skin the flavor is infused so while the duck is probably gonna be the worst tasting thing out of the whole bunch because His other items is just that good not that this isn’t good. This is good. The other items are to die for we got I’m gonna open this this is the roast pig the difference between this and Shasha is that like I said in the restaurant this pig is roasted whole so the skin is really crispy Also cha cha has a sweet ish flavor? This does not and what I’ll typically expect from this dish is crispy skin and a lot of fat And this is a good example right here. You see the fat on that piece Look at that. Oh my God look at this look at this oh Man see all the fat here oh This is so good alright. Let’s try the skin Oh oh Gosh you’re not That’s the crunch you want experience not biting into this paper – Kim has so much flavor. It’s so awesome. It is so awesome. I’m gonna try a bite of this meat Just mmm Disrespect is so good because when I bite into it Not only do I get the texture of the skin duh? The lean parts of the meat the fat, literally has a party in my mouth It’s melting in my mouth and as is melting It’s dancing and celebrating and having a good time because that’s what it feels like it’s going on my mouth Like you’re chewing it when dink you thought all the flavor has passed by then you taste the awesome fats There’s only one other place in New York City now Take you guys to one day that also has really good rules to pay get and it’s probably on par with this I think these two roast pigs are really really really really close because I really like their rules paid to but this is Absolutely fantastic I need another bite of this and I’ll take a little rice. I like a little better rice and cabbage with the two Oh my god No so mater, let’s keep on going here, we have our soy sauce chicken actually. I really like soy sauce chicken Because typically unlike regular roasted chicken. It’s not dry It’s got great flavor, and I love the flavor of the skin It’s very it’s very gelatinous look at that that is soy sauce chicken This is gonna be better than any like KFC or papaya if the flavor is done right. This is really good chicken I Love what they did with the skin the skin tastes unbelievable the flavor is soaked in Mmm The flavor went all around the chicken. This is really really really good source hot chicken we’re gonna Go eat the cha-cha which I know tastes amazing because I’ve had it, but thinking about it. I’ve been daydreaming about it It’s been obsessing my mind. I’ve been having sick food fantasies about it. Here’s the cha-cha and if this container is burning my hands That’s how hot and fresh it is oh my God Look at that This is the best item they have to offer This you have to get if you’re in trying to down your hand Come get this if you like ChaCha get this one. You saw in the video. He packed it in look at that There’s no space. I don’t even know where to start with this because there’s no space. I can’t even get any rice Look how amazing that is Bon Appetit? I’m gonna say something okay? I Officially anoint this as the best cha cha in New York City best cha cha hands down, New York City This is it. There’s a little piece of fat There’s a piece of the end that could toes a little bit dark which I love ah Best cha cha in New York City Where you been, Chicago, LA? Toronto Vancouver whatever you guys Taste your cha cha and can come taste test this might be the best child shot outside of Hong Kong I don’t know. It’s not overly sweet It goes perfectly with your rice because he drizzled all these things with gravy and so my rice is gonna taste really good down to my last string of rice and That’s important I hate it when I order like cha cha rice And then I get to like the end of the cha cha and then I have tons of rice left So I’m like so I’m basically eating white rice. You know why also I love this place so much How much do you think this cost like stuffed? Which hash off even if you would like cha cha find in a regular container I don’t think you get more cha cha than this and This I guarantee will fill you up. I guarantee we’ll fill you up one of these things. It’s only 375 yeah crazy That’s why I can go in there and be like I want one of everything and cost me 15 bucks If he wasn’t so far away I will eat here like every single day think about it every day for lunch get like one or two Two of these is only what like 750 one of these is 375. That’s your lunch It’s a delicious lunch, and it has all the nutrients you got your meats in some cabbage whatever so yeah, you got your meat That’s what’s important. All right guys. I’m gonna pig out on these four dishes. I’m probably will not finish it all last time I finished two and I was stuffed, but I’ll do as best as I can Anyway if you haven’t done it already, please follow me on Instagram. I post a lot of awesome food pictures I’m also on snapchat now, so follow me on snapchat. I do try to snap some interesting stuff I try it might not be interesting, but I do try Oh also great news a while ago a lot of you wanted to come and eat with me now I was trying figure out how this was gonna work, so I started a meetup group in New York City So if you want come and eat with me I’ll try to have like food outings every once in a while check out the link below for the meetup And then if you’re in the New York area Sign up and see what upcoming events. I have planned and now you can come out and eat with me alright guys Thanks so much for watching. See you later