– Can I hear a
falafel pick-up line from you guys? – I like your falafels. They look like boobs. – I’m Kimberly Kong and I’m your DC host
for “5 Buck Lunch.” I’ve spent the last
14 years eating my way through The Capital,
and documenting it all on my food blog,
Nomtastic Foods. Let me take you to
the best spots in The Capital for cheap eats that are five bucks or less. This time, we’re in Georgetown and we are getting falafel. Crispy, crunchy, balls
of goodness filled with chickpeas, surrounded
by fresh veggies. Cody’s New
York episode was great. But you know what? We can do way better, DC. That’s right, I’m
calling you out, Cody! Georgetown is one of
the most beautiful neighborhoods in DC. There are over a
hundred restaurants in this area. But I’m gonna show
you why you gotta pass on all the others and
get falafel for lunch. Y’all know the drill, we
gotta see what DC has to say about the best
falafel in The District. It’s gotta be five
bucks somewhere. Let’s go catch ’em all. I have a
serious question for you. – OK. – Did it hurt when you
falafel-ed from heaven? – So did it hurt? – Did what hurt? – When you falafel-ed
from heaven? – So, did it hurt? – Not a lot. – Have you had falafel before? – Falafel, yes, of
course I’ve had falafel. – So, what do you
think it’s made of? – Um… – It’s like a
chickpea, two balls, with white sauce, of course. – If you sing me a
song that impresses me hardcore about falafel,
what would it sound like? – Falafel, I’m eatin’ truffle, she likes my… falafel. – Around the corner is $3
falafel. – Yeah! – When I see those prices, it just makes me wanna topple. – So if you were
making falafel at home, what do you think the
movement would look like? – You take your little
bit and probably mold it into a little round
dish and patty. – I’d think I’d,
like, roll it, yeah. Kind of, like, (mumbles) – Like roll it like that? – Something like this… – I like that uh, uh. It’s like a song. – You do a little dance with it! – You just gonna add
a little heel action. – People know what
falafel is, but they don’t really
know how to make it. But, that’s totally
OK ’cause we’re about to hit the best falafel
place in The District. So get your five dollars
ready, and let’s go. We’re about to see
some seriously delish noms right here at Falafel Inc. They have been
killing the game with their crispy, crunchy
balls of deliciousness. And, you know what
the best part is? With every meal that they sell, they feed a refugee in need. So get here and do your part. Let’s go inside
and get our nom on. – Hey, what’s up? Welcome to Falafel Inc. – Nice to meet you. So, tell me about Falafel Inc. – We’ve got a mission
of eat for good. We sell Palestinian street food. We’ve got hummus and falafel. And, pretty much,
everything on the menu is five dollars or less. – So I’ve heard
incredible things about your mission. – So we’re all
about how we can actually have impact with every
single meal that we sell. We’ve sold millions of
falafels and we’ve fed over 100,000 refugees
around the world. And then, of course,
we employ refugees as a part of our
mission to empower. – So what inspired you? – When I moved to DC,
I was shocked that you couldn’t get like, an
authentic falafel sandwich. And, the ones that
were available, were, like, 15 bucks. – Right – So falafel is street
food, and we made it authentic, pure,
affordable, always fresh — no preservatives
in anything we do. It was my grandma’s
recipe, you know? And I was taught by my mother. – So I’m on a budget
right now and I only have five dollars in my pocket. – Today, I’m gonna recommend
for you falafel bowl. – Sounds good. – Which is only four
bucks and you’ll even have a dollar left over. – Ah, perfect, thank you! – You got it. Can I get a falafel bowl? Wow, I can’t
believe I got all this food for four bucks. So we have our falafel,
we have our zaatar chips, tabouli salad,
which, by the way, if you don’t know what that is, it’s Lebanese salad with
finely chopped vegetables, tons of parsley,
and bulgur wheats. We’ve got some red cabbage,
pickles and hummus. Mm, wow, OK real talk. I don’t normally do
salads, but this here, is on point! The falafel, first of all, it’s as crisp as can be. And the filling is so flavorful. Let me get the rest of this. So good, and that tabouli salad is legit you guys. The creaminess of the
hummus with the crispiness of the pita chips
and the pickle. Along with the crunchiness
of that falafel, they all work together
so beautifully. Their falafel sandwiches
are even cheaper, so you’re welcome in advance. So I’m gonna need you
guys to get our of here. Cause me eating this,
not gonna be so pretty. But, if you guys get
down here really quick, we can be falafel
friends together! So, hope to see you soon. All right, guys, so I only
had five bucks on me, so I could only buy a salad. But if you have some extra cash and you wanna ball
out, make sure you get some zaatar fries. Don’t they look so good? They have sumac,
sesame, and salt. And they’re so delicious. So make sure you
guys get here stat. I hope you enjoyed
our latest episode. Let us know what you
thought of Falafel Inc. by leaving us a comment below and make sure you
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miss another episode. And one last thing, make
sure you guys check out Cody’s New York City
episode on the best, cheap falafel in Brooklyn.