[Music] hey everyone in this video we’re looking at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas we decided we had to check it out as it served as the design inspiration for the Baker hotel the Arlington Hotel was first opened in 1875 but this building was completed in 1924 two years before the construction on the bigger hotel even began [Music] familiar cuz it should the ceiling does seem higher though by the other they’re almost clones of each other salaries don’t end there though they have the same exact staircases on each side and even the fact that that side the right side goes down an extra floor is the same so like they might have even shared architectural blueprints to a very similar room so what was next to lobby in the other hotel with the crosses in each archway area very similar Thera Leia seem almost identical and both hotels are built on top of iconic mineral water Springs and contained spa facilities mineral water was actually pumped throughout the entire building you see the wallpaper there this piece of furniture looks pretty old look at the detail on this furniture I don’t know a while we were here earlier there’s one table look at the shape of this pole but yeah this hotel is still alive and doing very well compared to the Baker but it’s definitely past its glory days here’s the bottom of the mail chute and they do collect from it Monday through Friday we should send out some stickers bundles you’re there character reading you should be careful of charge accounts as you over by see some cracks in the tile but yeah the Baker hotel had like a little mall area on the bottom floor also the 11th floor is supposed to be more onto is there the 8th and 11th and maybe the 4th cos al-qaboun read into that out with haunted about how components a cool floor I guess but eight in a lot or it wants people supposedly hearing oh he’s out of tapping and spooky stuff but there’s no like creepy noises look at this door in this room must be some big sweet adorable on it so there’s these on every floor which are like the guests supposed to be connected to the spring work maybe it’s just along this floor it doesn’t work of the try every fly but the one or first floor yeah that would probably be seen as a spout for the cold water oh really a lot I don’t think it’ll work just notice the Baker Motel had the exact same strikes at least by some of the elevator banks so the same color isn’t about the same way yeah something seemed familiar about it to me but you’re right there definitely was the same exact not even almost like probably they seemed exactly the same [Music] there’s a lot of you right there don’t know what’s going here probably goes to a pipe okay could call a service elevator not lunch back here just the ice machine I don’t know there’s nobody there’s a lot going on it’s probably all the AC units this is stupid just take a look we shouldn’t be up here this is sketch [Music] these are active elevator systems but it’s moving [Music] these are probably originals original light fixtures original laughs yeah yeah look at these over here these are the originals No do you have a light so we don’t broken yeah broken oh all these windows are broken what all of these windows have no glass you’re right except for this one oh well you can see where we are we’re in those windows over there I wonder how we get up to the bell tower and probably can’t we didn’t think it was a great idea to be in here much longer so he decided to head back down to check out a few more floors should we be sketched out riding in the elevator cars now that we’ve seen how like janky their elevator room is and unsecured yeah maybe someone could be up there right now and get us done snip the cables okay this floor is supposed to be more haunted than the others oh there’s a wing this way cereza marker now I probably she goes to a stairwell if there’s a stairwell right sometimes like I was I open it no it would say it warrant huh what this is going to lock behind us so that’s it it’s closed right now anyway or is it just latched I think it’s just latched yeah oh is the slot full up and at the same time it’s a child lock I’m a child the pool out back was built years after the hotel opening was non used for the winter season the Baker hotel actually had its pool first so I think this Jacuzzi here springfed does this work not from the original spouse [Music] yeah some of that magic water new try some you’ll banner already now your teeth are gonna start falling out like in that movie with the eels yeah don’t see just I see one room with a light on there’s some up there but that might not even be over yeah I or far forwards the hotel room was clean but did seem a bit rundown are they using the historic aspect to get out of making some needed repairs like this CRT TV that needed quite a bit of fiddling to get it just to turn on Robin skeleton key probably original I call it a grandma’s house door knob the bathrooms a little modernized the tile looks pretty original the toilet maybe has partial original parts but the sink and bathtub and mirror are definitely changed out and they week yes listen to that it doesn’t stop yeah we’ve tried playing with the handles they are shut cm pictures online there used to be like a medicine box cabinet here that had like a slot that you could deposit your used razor blades straight into a wall but those have since been replaced with a larger mirror oh did you see the the shower oh wait it turned on this time maybe we just tried to keep press finally got this Hearn on there’s like a high-pitched buzzing constantly yeah that’s what a CRT will do I was just hearing this static white noise I’ll be better for the atmosphere here can’t wave this I can’t believe it you’re finally turned on retro maybe the ghost will send some images happening it’s gonna be like the ring Isidore lanterns are an interesting touch there yeah by coincidence our room is on the fourth floor which is the floor that Al Capone would have rented out the entire floor for him and all of his Goonies I guess what she calls him I don’t know part of his mob these are old mail slots and they still work it’s closed now I know it’s hot in here here’s a elevators arrived for the bathhouse is that the carriage right yeah you can’t shine a light in there with your phone what if you just press the button on the elevator yeah I really do much doing a press button yeah sky painted in sit down where that mall thing is now there would have been a billiard room a beauty parlor barber shop drugstore photographer wear hats and gift shop [Music] while some parts of the hotel needed repairs the historic architecture and furniture are what gave it its unique charm it was surreal to be able to see what the Baker hotel could have been like today if it wasn’t closed years ago [Music] you you