The real beauty of Amsterdam lies in its canals and boat rides boat rides are always active in these canals You almost knocked it! and can you believe that, there is the red light area! Doesn’t look like it though, its very touristy And there is a coffee shop down there by the name if Bulldog, that is actually a weed shop weed shops and smoke houses are known as coffee shops here, where you can legally smoke weed and there is a church behind me surrounded with all the red light district windows! I am Traveling Desi! And this is the adult Amsterdam with party pills and seeds! Where you pizza, weed and hot stuff are available side by side! Welcome to Amsterdam’s touristy and historic Old Town! With some historic buildings police officers on bicycles And since its Amsterdam, you can see canals everywhere And there’s a few hundred years old church back there, bu don’t get too excited! because in between of the bicycles and long dutch style houses you’ll find a lot of marijuana shops and red light districts’ windows! But don’t get it wrong because, prostitution and weed, both are legal here! And this is the story of almost everyones’ first day in Amsterdam! Which starts from the hostel or the hotel, which in my case you’ve already seen in the last video! and next to my bed is the locker in which I’m leaving all my valuables my entire camera bag, drone, go pros, everything that I won’t be using today! I will use the go pros when I rent a car! the DJI fly more kit my cannon G7X, which I use where I can not take my huge cameras for example night clubs! where I cannot get permission to use my big cameras or when I need to do some discrete photography! and everything is set now so I’ll just close the locker! I’ll just lock it, and off we go!
Day 1 in Amsterdam! And I have 2 options to get to the central station, either a sprinter or a metro! sprinter is the intercity train which we can also take its a little expensive compared to metro as well but metro trains run more frequently, and if you get a metro, you should always go for it! A single journey public transport ticket costs 3 Euros, which is a little expensive! but you can get day pass for 8 Euros valid in buses, metros and trams! so if you need two tickets just to go to and come back from the city centre and your hotel you should probably get a pass, because when you take internal journey tickets you’ll easily recover your money! and I am taking metro number 54 which will take me to central station! metro trains have a lot of stops, but sprinter trains are non stop! there is one behind me, an intercity train, but there is a separate ticket for this, sprinter is different and a metro is different! but if you’re staying at the centre, you’ll save some money on metro tickets but if the price difference is a lot, you can get to the centre in just 5 stops! and I am finally at the central station after 5 stops and this is the last stops so it isn’t any problem getting off here! and this metro will just run back at the line and there are always these maps at the stations! so if you’re staying in peaceful Amstel like I am, you have two direct metro lines coming to the centre! Behind me is the central station and right in front starts the main street also known as Damrak street! and this street leads to all the main tourist attractions! and on this street runs tram number 2 on which you can get off at every stop and explore the place and this tram goes all the way to museum quarter where all the main museums are located! and if you have the Amsterdam pass, you should visit these museums because what’s better than exploring museums in the day and enjoying the night life of Amsterdam at night! but anyways, since its my first day in Amsterdam and I don’t have the pass, we’ll be doing what all other tourists do on their first day in Amsterdam we’ll take a walk along this street and we’ll reach the old church you see there! that is the centre of the historic downtown and is surrounded by the notorious red light district! along with the beautiful old town and the canals! but I decided to take a walk because I wanted to try some food! but first, behind this lane are a lot of small hostels and restaurants! and on the left, behind these buildings is the historic centre! but, before all of that! I wanted to have The Dutch Fries and I’ve started my day with two very unhealthy items it says Mannekenpis which is in Belgium by the way but they are also very famous for Dutch fries in Holland I’m not sure if these are Dutch fries or Belgian fries the name is Belgian, the fries are Dutch, along with some Red Bull! a good and heavy breakfast instant carbs and caffeine so that I keep my eyes open, very unhealthy though! and now we’ll just walk to the old church area near the red light district! there is a vegan restaurant next to this place as well for vegetarians! but if you want to have some good, healthy and vegetarian food, there is this expensive restaurant! So basically, this is the place where I was eating my fries! and that is the street where I got the fries from and if you walk just straight opposite to this street you reach this famous gourmet condom shop, where you can find different types of condoms now you’ll say, who needs a variety in condoms! How many can be there! there a lot of varieties, and videography is not allowed inside but I can show you this place from the outside! they basically have different types of Latex! at first, you might confuse it for a toy shop! not because of these colourful drawings, but because of these different characters on condoms! and below are hanging some different varieties of condoms and below that is an entire art gallery like the Eiffel tower condom New Yorks’ Statue of Liberty, Londons’ Big Ben and the tower of pizza which costs 6 Euros each! and you can get 24 for 100 Euros! And since this is Amsterdam, you can also find weed flavour! and if you want, you can visit the shop to see some stuff which is not normal from usual! and the gallery display is changed every few days! and after a 5 minute walk from here crossing the famous bulldog cafe on my way you reach this bridge! I am now in the centre of the red light area, and this is a touristy place, a lot of people visit here! you can find different kinds of tourists here and a lot hotels! you can also find a lot of kids during the day time as well! the place isn’t that crowded right now since its a tuesday morning! but otherwise its a very popular area! and you can see the bulldog cafe right behind me! it isn’t a trendy bar! it is basically a coffee shop, and coffee shops are the weed smokehouses here! you can smoke weed in there, have some weed brownies or candies! its kinda a thing here! but all Bulldogs are not smokehouses and are regular bars as well but the weed brownies here are extremely popular! And again, neither do I smoke, nor do I promote smoking! consuming any kind of narcotics could be seriously injurious to health! and there are a few windows adjacent to this bulldog cafe as well! out of which the curtains were closed on this one! and behind me is a very historic church also known as the old church! and it is surrounded by the red light district windows in all the directions in which you know what goes on! there are a lot of windows in the small lanes up ahead as well and this is pretty much the centre of the old town of Amsterdam! and the very notorious red light district! this church was built back in the 13th century! but right in from of it is a particular art piece, that I had to blurr! and the church is right across this lane which again, has windows on both the sides! this is the red light district, and the canal you see here is running parallel to all the other in the previous lanes! you can always get a boat ride in these canals!
and since this is the centre there are a few adult hotels here as well and a few adult shows as well there are a lot of adult shops and stores here as well where you can get some adult toys and there’s also a theatre, actually a 5D porn cinema! which is a little weird but its here! And on the other side, there is a special shop known as red light secrets! The museum of prostitution, I guess this is the only one in the world it depicts the history of prostitution in Netherlands how is sex practiced here and how is everything is legal! and I’ll make a separate video on this! and while walking here, I have to make a video very carefully since I know there is no one in that window and so I can make a video over here there are people in the windows in front of me so I can’t face the camera that way I am actually walking parallel to the main street I told you about earlier, Damrack street and a little ahead I will reach the city’ main centre square which is called Dams’ square the royal palace is also located over there there is a main cathedral over there as well and along side that, starts the shopping street of Amsterdam its not a budget shopping street, but the actual shopping street with good European brands and everything! its like a 800 metre walk from here you can walk through here admiring the beautiful architecture while enjoying the beauty of theses canals and you reach the central square of the city! I guess 500 metre more of walk! boat rides are constantly active in theses canals and if you are a family or a group of upto 10 people you can rent a small guide boat for yourself, although its a little expensive but it offers a very good experience! and after this you’ll see the video that turns this place around during the night! The red light district of Amsterdam, all you need to know! If you liked the video guys, don’t forget to share it and for more such videos and their timely updates, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon!