– Our public colleges and
universities are intended to expose young men
and women to new ideas, to sharpen their critical thinking skills, and, ultimately, to prepare
them for productive careers. In short, they exist to provide education and to further opportunity. But hey, why stop at educating
when you can indoctrinate? Why stop at furthering opportunity when you can further the
big business of abortion? I’m James Gottry, Vice
President of Public Policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. Public universities are supposed to be the marketplace of ideas. California politicians are turning them into the marketplace
of Planned Parenthood. Just last week, California
Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation so radical that even former governor, Jerry Brown, vetoed a similar measure last year. What’s the new legislation require? Simple, it requires every
public university in the state to become a first-trimester
abortion provider. Sound unbelievable? Well, here’s a statement from
Governor Newsom’s office. It says that, “SB-24 requires
student health centers “on University of California
and California State University “campuses to offer abortion ‘by medication techniques onsite.'” In other words, public,
tax-funded universities are now equipped with
book stores, weight rooms, cafeterias, and free abortions. Incidentally, another bill
signed by the governor, AB-1264, reduces unnecessary
barriers and requirements to accessing birth control
from Planned Parenthood. How’s it do that? By mandating that birth control can be prescribed by a telephone call. You better believe Planned
Parenthood is excited! What a great way to
introduce more young women to its business model, excuse
me, healthcare services. More from Governor
Newsom’s statement. He says, “In this year’s budget,
California doubled investment “in reproductive health
to a record 100 million dollars. “When matched with federal funding, “this investment will
provide hundreds of millions “to Planned Parenthood and other critical “women’s health providers.” California residents, these
are your tax dollars at work. Everyone else, your state could be next. So what’s the solution? Well, you may have heard that
our constitutional republic is a government of the people,
by the people, and for the people. And we are those people. It is our job as citizens
to elect representatives that will respect the sanctity of life and that will uphold our
First-Amendment-protected freedoms of belief and expression. And then it is our job to
use that expressive freedom to support policies that
are good for this nation and to oppose those that are harmful. We have a voice. Are you using yours? Together, let’s make a difference. I’m James Gottry and that’s
today’s policy update. Thank you for following us on social media and thank you for using your voice.