– [Narrator] Going to gay
bars has become predictable. I always knew exactly
who I’m going to meet. Meet The Lez-boi, she’s the
one wearing the flatback. She may look like a social butterfly, but she has into the slightest clue when it comes to flirting. Oh great, there’s The Happy Couple. What on earth are they even doing here? We get it, you’re in love
just get the (beep) out. There’s The Ultra-Femme. This girl is in her element,
she is glamorous and Fierce. Ah, the Alpha, also
known as the (beep) girl. You hate to love her. She has the perfect
hair, the perfect style and the perfect charisma. This girl has probably never
had to buy her own drink. Here comes The Tourist. She’s the straight girl at the bar. Her attempts to blend in will amuse you, but rest assure she’ll find a way to get the attention she’s looking for. There’s The Butch, she’s
watching you from the pool table. Don’t be fooled by her scowls,
she is way more intimidated by her surroundings than you think. And then there’s this girl,
the one who hates the bar, me. Why am I even here? (light upbeat music) Oh. See you next weekend. (upbeat music)